New Moon Inner~Listening

As August begins to transition into September, we’re on the cusp of the New Moon in Virgo, the 27th/28th. Though I was aware this phase of the moon was around the corner, tracking time is no longer a strength, as my consciousness continues to release linear time.

Yesterday morning I woke up VERY slowly. The communication from this sacred technology of the body said, “Not yet. Lay. Rest. Be.” My eyes didn’t want to open and I felt called to just snuggle back into the pillows, feeling the gentle breeze through the open window, listening to the birds waking up out side. After a time my eyes popped open and my body was ready to rise!

Almost every morning I wander outside first thing to do the Sola~Terra Alchemy practice as the sun rises. It’s quite common for songs of Light to begin to sing through me, as I simply open my heart to the new day, to all the beauty around me, and to my own highest self/Soul Presence. The invocations to the elemental beings is normally done through spoken prayer or song as well. However, yesterday it was clear silence was called for. I listened to the deeper wisdom within my being. The practice was expansive, yet shorter than usual and slower.

That’s when I had the wondering: “When is the New Moon? We must be in her energies, because I’m already being called into an inner space.”

When I went back inside the house and looked at my calendar book … indeed we had entered into the language of the darker phase of the moon.

Finding our natural rhythm and committing to organic time is an important key for our awakening journey. Both phases of Ascension and especially the Descension phase require a very different way of operating in the world. Living in organic, natural time unplugs us from the mechanical world and rebirths us into the intimately connected, divine beings that we are. We learn to live in the world, but not of the world.

This is challenging for many whose lives demand more schedules, activities, through ones career or family life. And, the new way of living can still be accessed and birthed. It is a process of choice by choice creation and the realization of what are the true necessities of ones life. It’s not an overnight leap. It’s small steps that one day deliver us across the bridge, into a new world.

Over time, if we choose to unplug & untether from the old paradigm structures, schedules, busy, scattered goings & doings, all of life changes. We become more attuned to all of Life.

The natural world is a part of us. We are elemental beings of earth, water, air, fire … all of the components of creation. As within, so without. The more we tune in to our own ‘within’ with deep intimacy, listening, honoring, we are guided & communicated with by the planets, the stars, the earth, the plants, the animals, and one another heart-soul presence.

Listening to the wisdom of the messages of the body is a path. Honoring the small things such as stay in bed longer or today’s ritual is in silence, enables a bond to form between our ego consciousness and our higher consciousness. This is the realm of the sacred feminine. Sacred intimate relationship of love that sets the tone for all other ways of relating to the world and life.

The sacred feminine helps the programmed inner masculine to heal and reset, to harmonize with her, to enter into a dance of divinity as our own Wholy~Wholeness.

On this New Moon some qualities that may call for deeper connection & reflection are: integrity, purity, details, patience before decisions, alone time. And anything else that calls out from the beauty of your Soul!

May you find dark-radiant blessings ~

With Love, Lotus