Elemental Play

September love to you all! 

September for me, is a sense of having one foot in Summer-fun while simultaneously, beginning for feel the inner call of Fall & Winter. It’s limbo space of subtle enchantment, when we tune into the shifting energies of the seasonal skies and temperatures, the animals, and our own inner voice of our Sacred Center. 

The art of Tomasz Alen Copera illustrates this perfectly.

Here in Tulsa, in the mid-west I greatly appreciate feeling the changes of season. I’ve lived in states where the sun shines almost all year round. Though I love the sun, there’s much to be missed from the nuances of all the elemental presences. The communication from this interplay of the myriad of natural world expressions and our own body, support a deeper health and more nourishment. For we are the elemental intelligence and where ever there is too much or too little, imbalance grows. 

How do you stay in balance? 

How do you alchemize all expressions of you? 

How do you feel in your soft, watery, feeling self of a feminine expression? 

Do you give life to the fiery, disciplined, speak up for yourself masculine? 

Does an airy quality keep you scattered or disassociated? 

Have you noticed the difference when you feel nicely grounded in a completion of who you are, just being, not doing? 

Inner Alchemy is a way of deep intimacy with our own being, in all of our expressions. Exploring how to live in a beautifully balanced inner space. Most of us have prominent expressions of any of these elemental qualities. They can both serve us or not. 

The Ascension/Descension process of awakening, which is the life we are living at this time on this planet & all over the galaxy, we have unlimited opportunities to experiment & discern how we uniquely embody our sacredness, as the inner alchemy is an expression of Sacred Embodiment. And then, as it all shifts again & again, we continue to ride our inner elemental waves. This is part of mastery of our own divine energetic templates & blueprints. 

This time of year share all of these qualities for us to try on for size! 🌞 💨 💦 🔥 🌎 🌙

The September New Earth Celebration Events are now up on my site. Byron will be sharing his Inspired Poetry & Musical Alchemy &I’ll be offering the monthly Moon-time Meditation.

Please visit to see where you feel aligned! 

I’m sharing a heads up with you all for October … at the Yoga Room, I’m excited to be offering a workshop/playshop on Sacred Soul Motion. This will take place on Friday evening, October 21st. I’ll be sharing more about this soon. 😊

Until next time, have a beautiful beginning to the month … Fall Equinox is just around the corner as well. It’s a sacred portal to leap into your next time-line! 

Much Love & Many Blessings ~