Sun Rise ~ Sun Set

Since January, I’ve been falling in love with the sun-up, sun-down daily ritual of Sola~Terra Alchemy, as taught by Dr. Azra Bertrand of Biomancy ( Life Magic ) University. A rebirthing of many ancient communions with natures majesty, such as Sun Salutation, Sun Gazing, as well as the Daily Communions of the ancient Essenes, this practice guides us gracefully Home.

While I wouldn’t call myself an earth mama by any means, over the last two to three years I’ve been gradually guided to step more into the arena of exploring sacred intimacy with the natural world. I stumbled around with this for a bit on my own and last winter I crossed the path of Biomancy. Within a few day introduction I was home.

It’s been over a decade since I’ve been guided to be formally become a student again. In the first decade, the phase of seeking was alive, well, & perfect. Eventually, I was guided more inward to connect to my own Higher Self teachings. As has been the norm since, I don’t seek out many things to learn, classes to take, and though I appreciate many teachers, rarely am I guided to dive deep.

When I do get the YES! I’m elated, (because I do love to learn from teachers I resonate with!) and a little apprehensive, because I know I’m going to be in for a major dragon ride of transformation. Biomancy has not disappointed! Though I began with an introduction in January, the full course began in May. Therefore, I’m only a few months into this year long journey, forever changed. Not only by this program but also by the books written by Azra & his wife Seren. They are confirming so many experiences, inner teachings, and intuitive knowings through their writings. This confirmation comes in the form of deep research, science and their own spiritual awakening journey.

Many who are already connected to the earth and her natural flow, will not be surprised by this new romance I’m having. Since January, I’ve been consistently going out first thing in the morning to greet, commune, & absorb the Sun’s Radiance. Every evening I face the west, send gratitude & good night as the light fades over the horizon. Offering my heart to all of creation, as well to myself.

The Sola~Terra Alchemy ritual has been taught in phases. I still have not learned the entire sequence, and yet … Marrying breath & movement, Earth & Heaven, radiance & magnetism, union of the masculine & feminine brain, the 4 directions, and becoming a sacred Tree of Life, are only a sip of the enchanted wisdom that has been gifted through this divine relationship infancy.

Our deep, life giving communion with the Sun and earthing with Gaia has strong science for the intellect, to entice the remembering, the reconnection, back into the organic, natural time flow.

This last weekend I had the joy of passing on this ritual and some of what I’ve been learning, to a few lovely beings. Creating space for a daily connection, even just to get our feet on the earth & feel the Sun penetrating the Third Eye for a few minutes, stimulating & resetting the DNA, the Mother Mind of the Cerebellum, bones, organs, nervous system, cell & mitochondria functioning. This does wonders for our wellbeing on all levels and the magic builds over time, to the perceiving our multidimensional realities.

As the days are getting shorted, I’ve enjoyed watching the subtle changes day to day, in the morning & evening. The light expresses differently, the locations of the Sun & Moon are always moving, the slight temperature changes, and the sound of critters come and go gracefully and perfectly orchestrated, via Life.

I’m looking forward to the challenge of stepping out into the winter cold as the seasons march on. Shoes of course will be on my feet, most likely. Snuggled up in something warm & cozy. Rain, shine, wind; seasons, cycles & spirals. It’s an enlightening addition to this magical journey of this life.

I’m feeling a part of the bigger presence of Life through these communions. My presence is altering, expanding and growing. I’m celebrating it as I’m feeling more enchanted every day as my own heart expands. Bringing Heaven to Earth is happening within me, alchemizing above & below, just I this divine Light is being anchored on this planet.

We are living bridges for the New Earth and this beautiful living, organic, technology has the capacity to weave us back into & deepening the remembrance, from whatever level of connection or disconnection.

Next Spring I’ll bring in the full teaching of Sola~ Terra! More will be revealed along the way, I have no doubt!

Blessings & Love,