Divine Feminine ~ a Living Mystery from Within

The sacred path of the Divine Feminine is not what is followed from that which is outside of us, but from what is already written within. It calls us forth as we listen … & listen even deeper still.

When we say ‘Yes’ in response to that which sings in our heart, the path becomes clearer. When we say ‘No’ to that which leads us away from our truth & joy & love, the path becomes clearer.

In quieting the voices of fear & doubt, following the inner road that leads us into ever expanding Life, it is learned the path rarely makes logical sense. The Unknown becomes a loving mystery that supports us & loves us deeply.

The sacred path, written within, avails to us Her wisdom, but this can only take place as we listen & follow.

This year of 2022 begins the deepening & expansion of the Divine Feminine/ Solar Feminine Christ embodiment, with the 222 codes of divine Light.

She is a Living Mystery. This mystery will not be found in the external world of going, doing, over-stimulation, proving, or locked into the old paradigm/3D of the the imbalanced masculine.

The Divine Feminine embodiment enters into an open, spacious Heart, as well as the body & mind of the activated Sacred Technology.

She invites us to unlearn all we have learned.

She invites us to let go of all we have believed to be true.

She invites us into the unknown, in order Know.

The Divine Feminine birthing within each of us, as our frequency elevates … regardless of gender or orientation … prepares the way for the Divine Masculine, within as well. Like all true evolutionary events, Begin Within.

This is one of the many themes of 2022, that is supporting the entrance into the New Earth Consciousness.

May we all be readying & committing to our evolutionary, elevation.