Radiance Pours Forth

We are re-remembering, re-becoming into our divine qualities, which provide the guidance, to help us express who we are blooming into. Not to be confused or misled by a belief that our radiant essence isn’t already present.

We are continually morphing, dissolving, allowing, our innate radiance to pour forth!

Evolution isn’t static. It creates life, death, life, within us.
And as the vibrations rise within & around us, we are witnessing the quickening of our divinity ~ within our humanity!

So many words, concepts, ways, to catch it’s meaning in the mind,
but it won’t be known there, can’t be held there . . .
We are knowing it in the Heart.
Yes, we’re all feeling and reeling along this magical ride together.

The destination is forever unfolding, now quicker than ever. There is no slowing down!

In celebration & gratitude of our journey together!