Radiate Your Christed Light

Beautiful Awakening Beings!

How amazing our lives are! We are here to claim the clear Knowing, Light, & Radiance within us. This aspect of our being is not frightened or disturbed by the darkness, nor will we harden our hearts.

The Christed frequencies, Christ Consciousness is a state of being, not a person, accessible for all, as we continually raise our frequency & enter into heart-centered living.

The more deeply this is realized, once we have cleared and scraped, the resin and residue, which clouds our True Knowing, our Light beams even greater.

We realize that it is up to each one of us to make the conscious effort, to touch the flame of our deep desire to know this Light, to embody divine Love, no matter the illusive divisions reflecting all around.

We each are invited to muster the courage to look head-on at our perceived darkness which expresses our addictions, arrogance, hatred, abuse, division, grief, shame and blame. Turing toward them, holding them tenderly, makes them Sacred, and in this Sacredness the healing balm is administered.

These aren’t new truths being delivered. They are rememberings of what we each know, down deep, in the Soul.

Yet it takes our being actively involved, present, and awake to the temporary darkness when it arises. It requires our willingness to be with it, inquire of it, learn from it & choose to let it go.

This is how we will be present & awake to the power of our Light. When we are present with our own Light, we will see one another’s Light through the clouds of duality & illusion.

The qualities of being we long for vibrate with the speed of Light. They are Light. The sacred vehicle that is our body/mind/heart must be strengthened & retrained to hold these frequencies of Christed Light.

In choosing to uplift our own being, we help one another remember our way back Home. We spread the healing salve of compassion, encouragement and Witness. We can hold space for one another, knowing our own Light, we must help those who have forgotten & hardened, to awaken to remembrance of theirs.

When we choose to walk this Sacred journey of awakening to the truth of our Light, we become living blessings to all we meet, lighting the way.

May we all rise AS the Divine Christed Light ~