Winter Surrender

Prayers of intention bubbling up from Heart & Soul this Solstice.

May I express my highest love, truth, beauty, & faith,
as I rest in Divine spaciousness.

As we re-connect, re-member ourselves to the divine essence of our being, we are naturally called from the soul, to surrender & yearn for all that is our truth.

It is through this relationship with our own Love, this Presence within us, which we access through simply ‘being’, rather than our doing.

Surrendering into a deep level of receptivity can be challenging at first, as it goes against all the norms we’ve been programmed to adhere to.

And yet, once we begin this process, the heart & soul lead the way, through the spaciousness of our being-ness. Faith & Trust, bubble up from the well-springs of our own deepest Divine Self & knowing.

We become the qualities of that which we pray for, as they enliven within, activated from our own Divine Blueprint.

Winter Solstice Blessings & Love,