Initiations of Love

The path of awakening is the mystic’s journey from initiation to initiation. The mystic archetype rests within each heart. It’s a personal choice to activate the guidance or not. It’s a surrendering to your Soul-Song guidance.

The initiations are the promptings of Life/ Divine Love/ Soul/ Source/ God-S/ Highest Self that shake up all we think we know, in order to usher us into next levels of our amazing potentials.

Yes, it can be messy, discombobulating, sometimes unnerving. However, it’s in how we hold the experience. If you are able to see above, below & beyond the surface & the reactivity to the shake up, you’ll find a grand Love that is attempting to guide you into new higher truths, that reveal Who You Are.

When we become fixated & stuck for too long in one stage of our growth, we run the risk of allowing false comforts to lull us back into sleep.

As we approach the years end, we have more capability to CHOOSE to connect with our own inner mystic. The veils are thinning & a New Earth is presenting itself, a new multi-dimensional living paradigm is at hand.

The secret password to access the higher states, is held within your heart. The word is Love. Not emotional, conditional, attached, need, love.

Love as the state of being, divine frequency Love that sets you free.

Yet, the word alone will not lift you above the fray of the old paradigm. The password only gets you through the gate, into the waiting room.

The next step is yours, mine, all of ours, to choose to cultivate the higher frequencies of Love, Unity, Peace, Faith, Trust etc. within our whole beingness. Each new level of higher frequency we embody, a new door opens, leading us to the garden, that we, who are choosing consciously to awaken to Love, are all co-creating together.

Awakening/Ascension is ever-expanding the perceptions of ourselves & all of Life. Embodiment phases return us step by step, to our own inherent Divinity/ your divine essence, within the the Living Temple, that is this body.

Awakening/Ascension activates your mystic, taking you into the unknown again & again. But with each entrance into the unknown awaits a deep remembering that was long since forgotten, that you’re returning Home, through your heart, to the always present Presence of Source Love within. And your essence is that Love.

In the Essence of the Love, We Are ~