New Earth Celebrations in the mid-west

I am really feeling into the power that the middle part of our country has at this time! The west coast has truly been a leader for decades as more progressive, open, creative, risk taking, Life-giving. The energy centers/Earth Chakras of that part of the world have been vibrating at such a high frequency, that it seems higher creative access has been effortless. The majority of the awakened consciousness has been the strongest in that part of the country for decades and has supported the tipping point we reached in the last couple of years. 

My sense is that even though the mid-west tends to be a good decade behind the west coast, we now are growing in leaps & bounds! For me, this is a preparation for the Light this part of the country will be able to hold! It’s worth celebrating & continuing to Illuminate! 

You will be seeing more from the new collective that is forming to bring more opportunities to those who feel called, to really hone the intentions of rising into the New Earth realties.  Byron Lindly, Jeff Krisman, myself and a few others are starting to gather to see how we can up-level the momentum in the mid-west. 

As New Earth Celebrations, we intend to amplify the highest frequencies we can create & hold, to support all who are open to receive. Even though each phase has it’s place, Paramahansa Yogananda was always very clear in his teachings that the power of community was more potent than individual will power. As we enter into the Age of Aquarius, community is an expression of this time. Granted, I’ve been a little late upon my arrival to the communal table. However, my path up until now has required the depths one can access through one could say a more ‘monastic’ bent. It’s been perfect for my soul journey & the ways of serving that I’ve been able to offer. And, now it seems it’s all changing! 

Many opportunities for divine expansion is in the inspiration phase, awaiting right aligned expression! However, you are invited to co-create this new movement on December 11th at the Josh Stout Gallery, with Byron Lindley & I … we’ll be activating & up-grading & uplifting with Love & Joy & Celebration of the New Earth presencing!

We’re honored to be partnering with Jeff Krisman of ONEConsciousness Tulsa & sharing our sacred gifts at the inspirational Josh Stout Gallery.

The Josh Stout Gallery has it’s home in the historic Red Fork area, constructed before statehood. We’re excited to share from this healing, peaceful space, which invites the opportunity to see things from a different perspective!

AND THAT is what happens at every stage & phase of the awakening/Ascension journey.
The invitation to always see from each next level of revealed perspective.

As we move toward the end of 2021 we are in the midst of a potent spiritual birth canal into 2022. . . many new perspectives abounding!

Please join us on the EVE of the 12:12 (December 12) gateway DECEMBER 11th, to support your Heart-Soul & Sacred Technology, which is your beautiful body-vehicle, with another infusion of Light as we prepare for Winter Solstice & the power of the coming year.

Byron Lindley & Lotus Lindley are thrilled to be sharing an afternoon of celebrating
the shifts of expanding consciousness, hearts opening & the power of each of our unique ‘Holy Yes!’ to create the New Earth realities.

Through transmissions & activations streamed from higher dimensional, divine energies of Musical Alchemy & Light Language, your being will be perfectly attuned, aligned & up-graded for your beautiful, unique trajectory along your awakening adventure!

Enthusiasm overflows for this experience!

To register please go to Divine Frequency Meditations & New Earth Celebrations Events

In Celebration & Joy!