Divine Frequency Meditations & New Earth Celebration Events

Welcome to Art of Sacred Embodiment & New Earth Celebration events! Please peruse the event page, which will be edited each month to reflect our sacred offerings. All that is shared is for the raising of our frequency, the opening of our hearts, the Homecoming of our Soul Presence, & the upliftment of humanity.

The weekly meditation classes, Divine Frequency Meditations is a staple. We begin there:

We are always emitting energy, frequency, vibration … Everything is energy, frequency, vibration.

The question is, how high is the frequency you are emitting, therefore, embodying?

We are also bombarded with energies from every direction as we live our lives. Depending on what consciousness you are taking in, this will be the frequency you are receiving.

Are you taking in and surrounding yourself with fear & anger? Then you will be vibrating a low, slow, dense vibration and consciousness/frequency, that creates anxiety, scarcity, stress, contraction.

Are you taking in and surrounding yourself with Love, Freedom, Joy, Wisdom, Faith & Trust? Then you will be vibrating in a quickened, uplifting, harmonious, clear, expansive, consciousness/frequency.

What we practice and give life to within our being, is the reality we create and support in birthing.

I’ve been inspired to offer a new weekly meditation practice on-line. These meditations are shared to support those who feel called to train & entrain your energy system in acclimation to higher frequency states of consciousness.

Our time together will be accompanied by Light Language Activations, to support the strengthening in our heart.

Divine Frequency Meditations

Tuesday Evenings

6:00 – 7:00 pm CT / 4 pm PT / 7 pm ET

$11.11 via Paypal or Cash.app/$JamiLindley

Please register by 2 pm on Tuesdays to receive Zoom link

Replay available with registration.

You’re invited to join in these next level frequency infusions from the comfort of you own sacred space, no matter where you are! We are on the rise … the more envibing higher states, the more we support the momentum into New Earth consciousness!

Questions? reach out to me at:



New Earth 12:12 Celebration & Activation

at the Josh Stout Gallery

Saturday, December 11

12 pm – 2 pm

We’re honored to be partnering with Jeff Krisman of ONEConsciousness Tulsa & sharing our sacred gifts at the inspirational Josh Stout Gallery.

The Josh Stout Gallery has it’s home in the historic Red Fork area, constructed before statehood. We’re excited to share from this healing, peaceful space, which invites the opportunity to see things from a different perspective!

AND THAT is what happens at every stage & phase of the awakening/Ascension journey.
The invitation to always see from each next level of revealed perspective.

As we move toward the end of 2021 we are in the midst of a potent spiritual birth canal into 2022. . . many new perspectives abounding!

Please join us on the EVE of the 12:12 (December 12) gateway DECEMBER 11th, to support your Heart-Soul & Sacred Technology, which is your beautiful body-vehicle, with another infusion of Light as we prepare for Winter Solstice & the power of the coming year.

Byron Lindley & Lotus Lindley are thrilled to be sharing an afternoon of celebrating
the shifts of expanding consciousness, hearts opening & the power of each of our unique ‘Holy Yes!’ to create the New Earth realities.

Through transmissions & activations streamed from higher dimensional, divine energies of Musical Alchemy & Light Language, your being will be perfectly attuned, aligned & up-graded for your beautiful, unique trajectory along your awakening adventure!

Enthusiasm overflows for this experience!

*** NOTE: Please bring your own sitting cushion, blanket, water bottle.***

Love Exchange: $33.00 via

Paypal.com/paypalme/sacredembodiment or Cash.app/$JamiLindley

For questions, please contact lotus@artofsacredembodiment.net

In Divine Celebration!
Lotus, Byron & Jeff


Ascension 101 ~ Elevating & Evolving Humanity

Pre-Recorded Release Coming in December

Love Exchange: $33.00 via

paypalme/sacredembodiment or Cash.me

The Ascending/Awakening community is growing rapidly. Many are in the beginning stages finding your footing in this vast experience of evolution, that humanity is going through.

It’s an amazing time, and confusing, discombobulating & for some anxiety provoking as we expand in consciousness, are faced with our Sacred Shadows, realize our physical bodies are impacted by the Ascension energy, and as we moved more fully into Divine Flow, our paradigm for living becomes obsolete.

As we shift in consciousness from a 3rd Dimensional construct in to 5th Dimension, and beyond, we are being demanded from our own highest heart-mind, to embody Divine Light, which completely transforms us from the inside out.

I invite all questions that you may have to support your journey to be submitted via email lotus@artofsacredembodiment.net by November 25th.

This class will be an in-depth exploration of the Sacred Embodiment process. It’s a comprehensive starting point for beginners AND it will include up-dated & up-graded information from what we understood only a few years ago.

Ascension 101 will be pre-recorded and will be released December 4th.


See you soon, as we download Divine Light & Light ~


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