December Illuminations & Preparations for 2022

2021 will be coming to a close soon. This can be a time of reflection as much as celebration. While both of these actions can feel very different in the realm of experience, I find they gracefully walk hand in hand.  While past reflections can bring assessments of all that has changed, losses that have occurred, or next levels that have been reached, they are all ushering us into re-birthing who we’ve been, into who we are now becoming. 

There’s often a gap between the the past falling away and the celebration of renewal.  These gaps are potent moments of deeper level transformation and integration, enabling more stabilized sacred embodiment of ones Wholy-Wholeness. 

Depending on where each falls within our own awakening/Ascension trajectory, what stages or phases being traversed, these transitions of reflection and celebration will look/feel different.  But know, each stage/phase is full of necessary illuminations of new perceptions/ next level of expanded consciousness/ ability to hold the higher frequencies of Love & Light within the body.  This on-going process enables the next rung of the ladder so to speak, to be reached. 

Feel the release of the past! Celebrate where you are! And prepare to continue! 

One of my most recent embodiment experiences, revealing more of my own Highest Self taking the lead, has been that of community. Historically, as many know, I’m not really a community person. Very much a soloist, introvert. Over the years I’ve noticed the instigation from within to open to community, yet lacking the umph! to manifest that. 

This year the voice, the call, the ways of creating, the desire, the alignment with community is coming into fruition. All of this takes place from my own higher levels of consciousness, my Highest Self, now embodying more fully into divine Presencing.  I’m witnessing both the smaller, ego-self construct resist, make excuses, revolt.  All the while my HS, my own Wholy-Wholeness, is patiently guiding me gently into the new, next level reality. 

The more I surrender to this next phase/stage of my own journey, the more the old me that has previously clung to my past ways, is releasing. I’m divinely aligning with the enthusiasm of the YES! I’m ready to connect with more people, to be of service in more community based ways. This is the Grace of our own Divinity that shines through when we truly align with the Highest Good that presents itself from within us to manifest. It shows up clearly as not being of our own doing, but is ‘done through us.’ 

The transformation from who we’ve been to someone we didn’t anticipate becoming, is always Illuminating and Faith building. It’s a confirmation that we are never alone and that our Soul has the plan! Source-Love Ambassadors are always present to support us when we surrender to their loving consciousness & presence. 

This last year has been emphasizing these transformational opportunities available for so many. It’s just a question of whether we are saying ‘Holy YES!’ to the opportunities, in order to create a momentum of many new opportunities to flow forth as we rise up the rungs of the ladder. 

2022 is going to be even more potent, Beautiful Beings!  As the world of 3D will continue it’s purging the darkness, manipulation, confusion, fears, etc that has always been present behind the scenes, we will get to choose whether to watch the collapse with the fervor of anxiety provoking, life-force draining effects from one’s personal attachments to the deaths occurring… OR …

Use each new thing that surfaces as an opportunity to know that everything is happening for the reason of awakening humanity, to heal outmoded wounding. The invitation is to keep your eyes (and awareness) on the prize of Love & Divine Freedom. Strengthen the ability to hold firmly your personal energy, intention, focus on transforming your own inner world, so you can access the qualities/frequencies of Inner Freedom, Love, Peace, Clarity, that the New Earth, 5th Dimension & beyond. These flavors of experience are what the higher dimensional realities are constructed of.  We can be of greater service, the more we unplug from the old paradigms. This is where constant Source Illumination grows strong! 

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Loving Blessings ~