Transformation through Joyful Choices

The old paradigm mode of learning has been through lessons of pain & suffering. We’ve been unconsciously motivated to change via hardship, loss, anger, division. For many this modus of operandi is still in full force. It is connected to our wounds & the programs of attachment/addiction to pain & suffering.

But there is a new way to move through life.

The new paradigm rising, is the lesson that we can CHOOSE to align with what makes our heart sing, puts a skip in our step, turns on our creativity … to CHOOSE the experiences of Joy, Peace, Freedom, Love, Compassion.

As we move through the Ascension process, we CHOOSE to heal/resolve/integrate old wounded patterns of the Inner Child & Sacred Shadow.

We CHOOSE to put effort into staying awake & accessing our innate sparks of Light & Preciousness.

This allows us, over time, to consciously organize our lives in ways in which we can settle into a peaceful flow.

Consistently using each choice point opportunity, through every day, to align with what serves our Highest Good, which will ultimately feel good, strengthens this new habit to form.

We detox from drama, the habitual re-traumatizing of our own heart, & from the relationship we’ve created to suffering.

CHOOSING to live from the higher frequency expressions, creates our new reality! Joy, Bliss, Inspiration, Vitality becomes the new norm.

We hold the power to CHOOSE, to say YES!, to cultivate, to create a Divinely Inspired Life.

Moving toward 2022 we will have ample opportunities to practice this new way, regardless of what stage we’re in of our awakening.

But first we have to KNOW the way we’ve been functioning & KNOW we have options to learn differently!

Here’s to creating the new uplifting norm & supporting the New Earth, by rising into LOVE!

In Joyful Transformation!