Ascension Sensitivities (Symptoms)

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Ascending Beauties!

The most common questions that come up in the very early stages of one’s awakening or Ascension experience, has to do with the new sensations in the body. “Why am I so tired?” “I feel so depressed.” “Is it normal that I can’t think straight or don’t even remember what I did yesterday?” If you are relating, you’re most likely ascending!

The body, which is in fact the human being’s Sacred Technology, is evolving. As it evolves, you will experience many physical changes, sensations, sensitivities, cleansing/clearings, and perhaps actual health conditions that rise to the surface in order to be addressed and balanced.

Please if needed, don’t hesitate to consult with your doctor. Although many ‘mystery illnesses’ and the wide spectrum of imbalances can be attributed to the Ascension journey, it’s always good to get it checked out.  You will learn as you move along your path to discern for yourself how to proceed with any given Sensitivity. I prefer the word sensitivity over symptom. Symptom implies something is wrong. Sensitivity is an emphasis of sensitizing to the consistent energy/frequency up-grades that your Sacred Technology goes through, that enables our evolution.

There is a plethora of signs & sensitivities that indicate you are well on your way along the spiritual awakening journey! Remember, we are raising frequency, which means expanding consciousness, which is held in every aspect of our being, and all life forms, for that matter. We are moving from a 3rd dimensional existence of energy made ‘solid’, into 5th dimension & beyond, where energy becomes more subtle & fluid, less tangible, but more sensory expressive.

These shifts are not limited to the body, but will also have an impact on emotional, mental, & spiritual levels, as all are expanding in consciousness. An early practice to begin NOW, is one of gratitude & awe for the deep transformations that are enabling us all to access our innate divinity. Awakening is inconvenient for the worldly-world! The fact is we are growing out of this worldly-world, so the inconvenience is natural. Gratitude can soften some of the inconvenience, when we attune ourselves early to the on-going changes being faced.

The Sensitivities listed are but a handful. There will always be more as we continue to evolve. I’ve listed these in a loose order of common early sensitivities through those experienced in late phases & stages. That being said, it’s never predictable. The shifts will occur in the perfect ways for each individual, as each of us are fabulously unique!

Descriptions of ‘symptoms’ are general and not necessarily limited to what is written. In truth, there are many transformations taking place with the shifts in our being, that I don’t believe we can really know exactly what each experience is. But we try! And remember, this too shall pass. Everything moves in cycles, ebbs & flows.

Self-Care becomes very important in order to bring as much ease & grace into this process as possible. Shifting into higher dimensions require a different way of functioning. The old ways of operating will be challenged, in order to create a deeper relationship with your body, heart, Soul & Highest Self. The body becomes our guide as we evolve. The mind relinquishes its long-held leadership, and follows the bodies guidance.

Some quick tips on Self-Care that will be necessary along the way are as follows:

Rest. Nap. Sleep when you are tired. Fatigue is the sign that you need to be out of the way, to allow deeper integration & re-balancing.

Eat healthy foods & drink plenty of water. The healthy choices you make will allow cleansing & purifying to be less intense. The less toxins in, the less toxins to clear!

Don’t attach to thought-forms or emotions of suffering or pain. They rise to the surface or show up in your life in order to be released.


Move the body. Dance. Yoga. Walk. Movement supports energy to continuously circulate.

Spend time outside, in nature, under trees, in the elements. Get your bare feet on the ground for ‘Earthing.’

Limit technology usage. The EMF’s interfere with the coherence of your energy bodies. If you are going to be on & around EMF’s use crystals of stones that support your system.

Receive massage, energy work, Light Language, acupuncture, craniosacral, etc. to keep the system balancing. 

Let go of all that you sense is falling away. Don’t cling. Grieve & release habits, people, places, things, past beliefs, memories, etc.

Put you focus on cultivating Self-Appreciation, Self-Love, Self-Honor, Gratitude, Love, Joy, Faith, Trust.

And anything else to brings you personally, peace, harmony, & nurturing.

With that, let’s begin to explore these powerful shifts that are transforming our bodies & consciousness!

You will notice that the sensitivities become less dense as you clear & heal. You are clearing the way to receive & perceive the Truth of the Love & Divinity that you are! It makes the initial stages worth every level of confusion, loss, or discomfort. This is the on-going evolution of humanities splendid adventure!



Ringing in the Ears:  One will often experience a ‘tinnitus’ ring, usually in one ear, often the right at first. The tones can get loud at times and eventually most people don’t even realize the ringing is present. These are divine light streams/frequency, holding new information, streaming from the Cosmos.  These sounds carry information that you will utilize at some point.

Head Aches, Vertigo, Migraines, Fuzzy-UnFocused Thinking: The brain is going to undergo many transformations, which we do feel. This will also alter our perceptions, sometimes temporarily, sometimes permanently. But always perfectly. Also, as new frequencies are streaming onto the planet, the head will become sensitized to these energies.

Loss of Short-Term Memory: Again, the brain is undergoing much change. Many fear that in the beginning that they are suffering from early dementia/Altzheimers.  You are merely organically releasing those thought forms that don’t serve you, that aren’t needed to be filed away.

Insomnia or Needing to Sleep all the time, Lethargy: The most common at first is the lethargy & needing more sleep, longer hours at night and even naps during the day. Difficulty keeping eyes open or feeling unable to stay awake. When there are intense influxes of energy entering our system, sleep is one of the best ways to integrate the energy. We are being guided to go ‘off-line’ & be out of the way of the deeper work that needs to take place when we’re in the sleep & stillness.

Dizziness, Equilibrium is off: This off balance can be challenging & uncomfortable. It’s only temporary. Dizziness, waviness, light headedness, can all indicate the higher chakras are opening or later in one’s process that new head chakras are coming on line.

Ascension Flu: This is a time of cleansing/purging in all ways that a physical flu expresses itself, but it’s an energetic clearing/cleansing to enable your body to hold more light/higher frequency energy.

Seeing Number Patterns: In the beginning the numbers show up in easy to spot sequences, such as 111, 222, 333. Often times we’re awakened at the same time during the night to glimpse certain numbers. We may also begin to see the patterns on license plates, addresses, etc. We are being guided to look at just the right time to see the pattern. Our guides & Highest Selves are communicating with us, saying, “Hello! We’re here!” Over time the patterns change, as an example, 101, 202. Or 123, 345.  And they continue to become more complex as your frequency raises. At complex pattern levels, we are actually receiving activation for our blueprint & this can be felt, if you’re paying attention & sensitizing along the way!

Time Perception Changes:  Time begins to lose its linear experience, it changes speed, and eventually will feel more surreal, spiraling, & quite challenging to track. It’s common to lose track of the day/month/year and all of it becomes more irrelevant. Time is a 3-D construct. True time has a natural organic, ebb & flow, that is not linear.

Heart Palpitations:  The fluttering of the heart can be an indication of purification and activation of the Heart Chakra &/or the High Heart Chakra (Thymus Gland Chakra).

Electric Zings & Twitches: As pathways clear, you may feel spurts of electricity ‘zing’ through the body, or spontaneous twitches/spasms & fluid movement.

Body Aches & Pains: Muscles, joints & bone pain/discomfort, restless legs.  The body is being up-graded into higher light. This is a lot for the body to hold & adjust to. With strong influxes of energy, leg pain can become a way to anchor in the energy, as well as ground our being.  These physical systems also hold past information & memory. When we clear/purify, the body will release this energy of ‘toxicity’ that is physical, emotional, mental. Allow, rest, release.Be prepared too, that at different times the bones & teeth may hurt. Much of our body, including the bones are becoming less carbon based & more crystalline.

Anxiety / Depression: The nervous system is re-calibrating consistently. As you adjust to new frequencies, you may feel more anxious or detached, lacking emotions in the way you’ve known. It’s easy to label the detachment as depression. It is actually a deeper quieting of the mind, heart connecting with the neutrality of Soul/Highest Self frequencies. As more comes up to be released, anxiety may be experienced. Be patient. Learn to master the energetic communication on your deeper levels. Receive massage, acupuncture, cranial sacral, energy healing, & natural ways to sooth during this phase. It will balance & harmonize.

Memories & Emotional Release: When big emotions or memories surface this can be confusing. We often think we need to do something, analyze, make them go away, etc. This is all simply energy which has been imprinted with specific thought forms & frequency. Allow them to rise up & out.  Practice becoming the Witness. Feel whatever needs to be felt, and give permission to release. This is a quick break down of Shadow Work. All of our past fears, hurts, wounds, stories, grief, etc. will come to the surface in order to clear. These frequencies are ‘dense’ in quality. We are moving the density OUT, in order to make more room for the Light. You will master this over time, and over time it becomes less intense, and less to clear. Ask for assistance in the early stages if needed.

Diet Changes: Because our body has a deep wisdom, as we wake up, it will guide us to healthier diets and ways of taking care of our selves quite naturally and organically. Your job is to listen & follow the inner guidance & direction. There is no need for strict diet plans or dogma. Each body is unique and will require different things, at different phases & stages. It will over time lead to a more plant based, whole food, fruit, vegetables, and healing liquids such as water, smoothies, juices. Your job is to honor the body communication, so that you will sensitize more deeply to this inner relationship.

Sudden Starving or No Appetite: The appetite will fluctuate. At times this will have to do with specific energy/frequencies the body is integrating. There may be the direction for the body to spontaneously cleanse, by not eating for a period of time, or only eating very specific things that it needs. Again, just follow the body. If concerned, check in with your doctor. 

Loss of People, Places, Things: Over time you will find the desire to let of go things/people, habits from the past. As your frequency raises & your consciousness expands, you won’t ‘match’ the vibration of your past life. There are many of these mini-death phases along the awakening journey. Loss is real. And so is Re-Birth! Allow the grief of loss and you will experience the rewards of new ways of living that your mind can’t fathom, from where it’s at … really, this is continually true!! You may find yourself pulling away from aspects of your past life & becoming interested in brand new things, that you never thought of before. Follow all the new things, information, people, that are drawing your toward them. As I say: Follow the Yellow Brick Road. It is your intuitive guidance leading you to greater Light & Joy!

Experiences of Bliss, Joy, Peace, Freedom, Love:  There will be phases where you will be caught up in powerful flows of high frequency, 5_ D experiences. Go with them. They may feel overwhelming but those stages are giving your being a taste of Who You Are & where we are going. Because they are so strong in their energetic voltage, the body can’t hold it for long, or all at once. As your Sacred Technology, purifies and has opportunities to amplify these energies, you will acclimate over time to this new reality. Follow Your Bliss!

Dreams: Begin to watch your dreams. They may start to have a very different quality to them. Some may look & feel like visions. Colors pop, memories may clear, and pre-cognition may turn on. At later stages of the Ascension journey, dreams are no longer just dreams. We begin to connect to other dimensions while we sleep.

Technology: If your computer, phone, or other electrical devices short out, stop working, etc. your frequency has most likely jumped & is too strong for the device. It’s temporary. Shut it down & let it re-boot, or just give it some time to adjust. If you do Light Language or Reiki, you can use those energies to assist the balancing.  

New Chakras: We develop ‘new chakras’ as we evolve. As our Sacred Technology up-grades, we need higher functioning energy apparatus to access 5th Dimension & beyond. Sensitivity will increase as these chakras are activated. As this happens, there are many sensations experiences. Some common ones are burning, stretching, nausea in odd places, dull or sharp pain. Some of these advance chakras are: Hand, Feet, Divine Power Center (located just below the sternum), High Heart (at the little cave at the bottom of the throat) Nasal channels, Third Eye (when the nasal & 3rd Eye are activating in tandem, the physical eyes can feel swollen, as if they’ve been punched. This can be uncomfortable, but you will notice that on the outside, it doesn’t really swell.) Variety of head chakras, creating many different kinds of head aches & sensations in the head. The Mouth of God, at the base of the skull (the little cave at the top of the spinal column. Energy will begin to flood into this center & can feel painful. It may also pull your head backward when in meditation) The Divine Heart at the back of the chest, between the shoulder blades (this will feel like a mild to sharp stabbing sensation.

Heat/Cold Rising in the Body: Heat of cold sensations are influxes of energy, the Solar & Lunar energy channels activating, and can also be an indication of Highest Self presence or that of guides.

Jitters, Internal Shaking:  The Endocrine System is one of the primary systems that buffer these higher frequencies. The Thyroid & Adrenals, take the jolts. Hormone changes can take place, as well as changes in the blood. Thyroid & Adrenal support are helpful, as cortisol can be released in greater measure during some phases. This may be a cause for the jitters or shaking. However, these sensations also occur when the cells are acclimating to a higher frequency of Light & becoming Crystalline. It’s only temporary.

Breathing Changes: The breath can become shallow at times, creating an excess of stimulation to the Sympathetic Nervous System. When we’re getting strong influxes of energy, the shortness of breath or anxious sensation is a result. Rest. Lay down & relax, breathing gently & slowly, anchoring the energy/Light/breath, allowing the body to do its work.

Weight Loss/Weight Gain: As the body adjusts to new frequencies, it may lose & gain weight unexpectedly. At times, the amount of weight shift in short periods of time can be alarming. It happens in specific stages of the process, and you may find that you end up at an ideal weight that has not been your norm.

Desire to change Lifestyle: The desire to make big changes in lifestyle, learning, interests are communications form your deeper/higher knowing, as you are guided where you are needed, how you are needed, & to what will be of greatest service.

Connection to Highest Self/Self Love: Connection to your Wholeness, the Divine, Multi-dimensional being that you are will become more available. This is the Home Coming toward humanities divinity and to Divine Source Consciousness, that is Unified Love.

Less Need/Desire for Struggle/Drama/Stress: As you reach higher states of being, you will have less desire for stress, pain, suffering, that has been consciously & unconsciously created. You will instead, make choices that bring ease & grace into your life. You will align more consistently with peace, happiness, & less external stimulation.

Ability to See Subtle Energy: The sensitization process which happens by clearing away the ‘gunk’ of our density. Your psychic perception will sharpen, enabling you to see through illusion of the collective, see others energy more easily, as well as perceive both higher & lower (multidimensional) beings.

Pulled toward LOVE:  Love will become the greatest desire, teacher, guide.

I hope this short list supports your on-going, amazing Ascension journey Home to YOU!

In Love,


Copyright 2020 Lotus Lindley

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