Down to Earth into Sacred Embodiment ~ Ascension Descending

There is a beautiful transition taking place for those on the Ascension journey. The next phase/stage is now activated and in process. For years, we’ve been accessing guides, angels, and masters, as well as beginning to understand and meet out Highest Self aspects that exist multi-dimensionally. What a journey it’s been!

We’ve been activating new systems of our Sacred Technology, which is our physical and subtle bodies, to enable us to receive these higher frequency levels of consciousness. And our meditations have seemingly in the past taken us ‘up & out’ into the higher energy centers/chakras. Ascension has felt like an ‘up & out’ experience.

A couple of years ago few were leading the way of embodiment, then this last year began the full-on process of Sacred Embodiment. Since the beginning of the year, many of us felt cut off from the familiar guidance and higher experiences. Clients were asking ‘Hey, where did my Highest Self aspects go that had been working with me?’ ‘Why have my meditations felt so difficult to feel in the higher flow?’ There was some loss and confusion and feelings that somehow we’re doing something wrong.

We’re just coming back down to earth and bringing all the Light with us!

More accurately, we didn’t lose contact, we’ve been embodying the higher wisdom, frequencies and our divinity. Now, we’re experiencing the descension process more tangibly. Meaning, the Sacred Embodiment of all that we’ve been initiated into through the higher frequency realms, are now settling and integrating into our humanness.

Ascension wasn’t about leaving the body, even if it felt like that at moments. Over and over, we were told, this is about anchoring the Light into our physical form, hence many of the Ascension Sensitivities/ Symptoms. This is where we’re now at.

What keeps speaking to me in this new level of coming Home to our Wholy-Wholeness, is that as we embody the higher frequency levels ~ which are Us ~ on higher dimensions, we’re anchoring our whole Soul’s power into the body.

The Soul has been fractalled both on lower and higher timelines. Through waking up and riding the waves of Ascension, we’ve been clearing & reclaiming lower timelines fractures of ourselves. Similarly, as we’ve raised our frequency and accessed higher aspects of our divinity, we can now hold those levels of Light & consciousness.

We are truly becoming more Whole & Wholy, as we anchor the Love of our divinity and spiritual maturity into the Divine Humanity that we’ve always been. As our Soul returns into wholeness, we are being called into greater levels of self-intimacy.

There is a new relationship in store for us. Sacred Intimacy, the Inner Marriage of our Divine Feminine/Masculine, continuing to befriend the Sacred Shadow and integrating our Soul’s Radiance are the next levels which will take us deeper within, rather than the feelings of ‘up & out.’

Those of us that are Way Showing this next phase of evolution, are here to model the ways of higher, multi-dimensional reality, based on the qualities of Love, Harmony, Balance & Wholeness. For those who are ready to experience themselves and Life, free from the 3rd dimensional push-pull of duality & polarity, there will be a growing number of examples of a very different world already existing. It awaits the open hearts who are ready to be free!

For clarity on Understanding Timelines please see: Deepening Your Ascension Experience

Divinely Unifying ~