Creating with Love

We each are an artists creating. We’re in a time of growing importance of remaining vigilant to what we are creating with our feelings, thoughts, & actions.
Many of us are becoming more present as to where we put our energy. Where attention & energy go, reality grows. What we are drawn to, is already a part of us, otherwise we wouldn’t feel the pull. The more we are becoming mindful of our inner = our outer, we are empowered by conscious choosing.
Every choice offers us an opportunity to ‘up’ our own vibration & frequency. This requires the sensitizing to habits & behaviors & beliefs, that result in feelings of frustration or disappointment or fear. By acknowledging & resolving the inner turmoil, we can better address the external, from a clearer perspective.
Upping our vibration requires us to address our emotions, directly & consciously. Understand them. Resolve them. Let them go.
Upping our vibration requires taking responsibility for our inner world.
In order to acclimate to higher quality states of being, such as Peace, Joy, Love, Compassion, etc. we must be aware of how we get distracted from remembering these qualities are INNATE to our being. As we begin to remember that we hold these divine codes as part of us, we then have the freedom of choice to cultivate this knowing as our birthright, or to fall back into forgetfulness. . . to fall back into the density, of the old-world programming.
The invitation is to create a world of Peace & Love, with each thought, speech & action that we make. Allow these True states to enliven you, guide you, & celebrate their Light through you, out into the the world around you, for the good of all!
In Loving Co-Creation!