Your Most Potent Super-Power

I don’t know about you, but I’m a big fan of super-hero movies . . . many of them, anyway.

My husband turned me onto The X-Men when we first started dating. Prior to that, I had no interest what so ever in the comic book world. When we finally watched The X-Men, I acquiesced because a) it was something that he really wanted to share with me. b) he’d been such a wonderful sport about watching some of my movie choices which drained him emotionally. c) I put it off as long as I could.

From the very introduction, I was hooked. I felt semblances of relating through my personal process of  Kundalini awakening. While stories of Indigo children danced through my head, I could feel that inner knowing of a future of awakened, latent abilities not too far ahead. After all, the Yogi’s of India spoke of these powers, as well as Jesus.

While some call these super-natural powers miracles or magic, I believe these abilities lie within all of us, quite naturally. However, to truly awaken, harness, and express them, requires mastery.  But this writing isn’t really about super hero’s and the fighting of villains. It’s about the most powerful Super-Power, that opens the door to our greatest inner Power. Self-Love.

Yes. Self-Love. I’m proposing that Self-Love is our most potent form of power and perhaps one of the most challenging for us to master. But but in my experience, just in the beginning stages.

We have the hero within us and we have the villain within us. It is this inner villain that we must befriend. Who is this villain aspect? Our Sacred Shadow. The Shadow has become quite popular in the last couple of years. Thank Goodness! Because this shadowy villain leads us to love.

We live with many aspects, expressions of our wholeness. What I’ve called my inner uglies are those personality traits in myself which I’m not a big fan of. In some instances I’ve been quite ashamed of, disliked, and harbored harsh judgments about these ‘villain’ aspects of myself. This isn’t something any of us are alone in. It’s a part of how we learn and grow, by transforming aspects of ourselves that we deem as ‘wrong’ or ‘bad.’

When I first begin working with clients and the conversation turns toward the Sacred Shadow, one of the first things that comes up for many, is how can this be Sacred? ‘How can these parts of myself that cause me such shame or grief be called sacred.’ And this is where the access point of self-love begins. As human beings, this learning is a path that leads us to know that in Truth, we are worthy, we are good, we are Love. If we don’t know our Shadow, we can’t deeply Know our Light.

Falling into self-love you fall into the core of your being, rooting you to your inner truth.

Through self-love you are lifted into your highest purpose and light.

It escorts you with peace through times of challenge.

It holds you tenderly when your heart breaks.

Fall into this love as it guides your choices as nourishment and nurturance.

Living in love with your own being, you receive love more deeply, and can share it more abundantly.

I believe that while there are many helpful teachings for us all to choose from, a big disservice is done when we attach to the idea that we can skip this step of integrating the Sacred Shadow in our spiritual evolution.  I’m not advocating that we hang out and wallow in our darkness or depression. However, I also don’t believe that we can ‘think good thoughts’ our way to wholeness, maturity, and deep wisdom. Many feel that the Law of Attraction is a one dimensional process that centers only around the thinking, egoic mind. The vibrations & frequencies we attract with go much deeper than the logical, rational mind and into our subconscious, our body, and energy field. When we only hang onto the surface, sadly this leaves many people clinging, hoping, for change without taking the empowered actions to create those changes ~ on the inside FIRST.

The initiation upon the path of Self-Love requires willingness and commitment to look at ones whole self. This is why we have teachers and guides, to help us go where it is difficult to go alone. A simple formula I use is composed of 3 parts:

Acknowledge. Release. Receive.

We must first look within and acknowledge these shadow aspects. This begins to heal them. In the healing and releasing phase of the process, sacredness is born in our awareness. This also begins to create a relationship of receiving our self, which expresses as self-acceptance within our being, rather than self-rejection.

Self-Acceptance flourishes into the receptivity of Self-Love.

They go hand in hand.

Once we hit the new thresholds of Self-Love, we are ready to begin to step into our Super-Power training! Jesus is told to have hung out with those people who were seen as the dregs of society. They were looked down upon for their wrong-doings, their shady ways, their tarnished reputations.

But Jesus had the most important super-power. Because he KNEW himself to be made of Light and Love, this truth of his KNOWING, gave him the clear seeing that EVERYONE is also made of Light & Love. There are no dregs. There are only those who haven’t integrated the Sacred Shadow.

This is how the super-power begins to manifest within our being. When we love ourselves, when we live from a state of wholeness, everyone we meet is a reflection of that Truth, regardless how far they are shrouded in forgetfulness.

Love is the greatest power we have. We are Whole and Wholy. And it is a well-spring within us, awaiting its cultivation to bloom forth and touch the hearts of all that we meet. This is the medicine of today. Turn your attention within and walk this inner path of the Heart, for your super-power of Love awaits!

Blessings of Remembering the Truth of Love Within You ~


artist: Shiloh Sophia

4 thoughts on “Your Most Potent Super-Power

  1. I am just now working on a chapter in a book where I am going back to very early teachings, teachings deemed heretical by the church, that describe how at the end of an age, these ‘tares’ or weeds which had been down are gathered up out of us and burned so that ALL children are clear and are able to burn/shine as one sun in the presence of God. Significant to me because it removes the harsh sense of punishment of being cast into hell and provides a means to celestial light/knowing…..not to mention that this also is exactly what awakening does. Your post was a perfectly timed reminder in one of its parts. I agree that love is the super power -it is healing and freeing. Great post!

  2. Thank you for your insight on this. I vaguely remember reading something to that affect in the past.
    I’m interested to be kept in the loop of the book you’re writing. I’ll add you to those I’m following.
    Thank you again for your sharing. xo

  3. I wanted to say that your post on your superpower was so well done. I read it again just a moment ago (again)…before awakening I just went so deep, the healing..through subtle fields and lost forgotten fragments and pieces, discovered like some hidden world.. or a dumping ground, or that messy closet which gets cleared…and once cleared, the walls are cleaned and…on an on until every little thing is cleared because with each layer cleaned, a keener awareness blooms over and over deeper and deeper…

    So I just really like it. I like that we have Westerners who don’t have to sound like yogis and yoginis, but bless you if you do, but how great we can speak to this from our own perspective, and vocabulary.

    The secret in the writing I’m doing is not a secret to anyone who has been touched by kundalini, by the way. But I have had to keep it under my hat for now just so I can let it come out through the book. I’ll nibble around the edges in some future posts. Thanks for the follow, and I’ll follow you right back. Great work!

  4. thank you again! yes, I’ve just started following you & reading some of your work. so grateful for all the grounded voices and the many ways which this can be talked about, in order to share with others. I’ve been moved around to different perspectives over these years from the yogic base, to Christianity/Gnosticism, Judaism, the Sacred/Divine Feminine, and now our Star families with the Ascension lense . . . I circle & spiraling, learning more each time! It;s truly such a wondrous inner adventure. All the threads of the one truths have become more evident with each passing. I feel this is one of the important aspects of this time, that the divisions are becoming unified. I’m loving your writing & plan to spend more time with it. Peace & Blessings!

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