When we know ourselves as Sacred Vessels of Divine Source, 

Blessings flow spontaneously & joyfully to all of Life.

My work integrates many methods specifically designed for each individual’s needs. Single sessions are available as well as gatherings that support committed spiritual deepening.

My experience and background enables me to assist in multiple expressions that support healing, integration and activation. My offerings support the introduction of awakening and the accessing of higher states of the Awakening/Ascension Process.

Tools and techniques, guided meditation, self-inquiry, deepening body-centered practices and shadow work are integrated as needed, whether working in my studio or distance.

Men are welcome and are assisted through my offerings. I specialize in working with women desiring to deepen their experience of the Sacred Feminine & Embodiment.

For information on Monday evening meditation classes and online classes and activations, please sign up for my newsletter. Additional information can be found on the Library page.


Embodying Light Healing/Activation

Embodying Light Multi-Dimensional Healing / Light Language Activation

$88.00 / 90 minutes

$55.00 / 60 minutes 

Sliding Scale available upon request.
Session available in Studio or via Skype or Zoom
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Light Language is a quantum, divine, cosmic, technology that releases and clears outworn, trapped emotional and mental patterns; balances the energy through the Chakra system into higher coherence of health, vitality, harmony; supports deeper connection to Soul, Highest Self  and Divine Source; empowers ones conscious Soul intentions; activates and amplifies the frequencies that bring us into more Joy, Peace, Freedom, Love.

Light Language activation assists us in raising the vibration of these aspects of ourselves. If you are carrying sadness or anger (heavier or dense emotional states), Light Language through quantum realm, divine sounding, toning and symbols can raise your vibration, so that you can easily access and maintain feelings, such as happiness, confidence and peace (lighter or higher frequency states of emotion).

The more we are able to hold and anchor these frequencies/energies/qualities of Light, we retrain our being to vibrate at the higher levels of consciousness/qualities. We then generate and attract these higher levels into our experience and life.

Sessions include inquiry/reflection, intention setting, guided meditation and appropriate additional techniques to support Embodying Light and Light Language activation.

Additional Classes & Practices

Please visit the Library page for additional information on classes, practices and meditations.


Sacred Embodiment Mentorship

For those committed to an on-going deepening process of their awakening, you receive deeper initiations into your own Sacred Center and Highest Self/Source connection. This offering requires the following from you: accountability, devotion and commitment to your journey. According to your lifestyle and needs, there is guidance in creating a foundation for your unique sacred journey. You will receive appropriate initiations and teachings that reflect the depth of your experience. Included in each session is a Light Language Activation.
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Yoga of the Divine Feminine

The Inner Mysteries of the Divine Feminine, the Path of Surrender. This is a commitment to your Highest Self in journeying into the realm of full embodiment. You learn to identify and connect to the Divine within and to live from a deep love with faith and trust in the perfect unfolding of all of life. It is a path of the mystics, priestess and goddess.

This is a process which is open-ended and requires commitment and dedication for spiritual journeying. Together, we will support the accessing of the Divine Feminine energy of Shakti Kundalini. You will learn about deepening into this sacred wisdom of the body and the Divine Force that resides within. Included in each session is a Light Language Activation
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