My work integrates many methods, specifically designed for each individual’s needs. Single sessions are available, as well as packages that support committed spiritual deepening.

My experience and background enables me to assist in multiple expressions of healing. Whether it’s the much needed nurturing and relaxation, the early stages of a deep dive into shadow work, or the accessing higher states of the Kundalini Awakening & Ascension Process, for those who have been traveling a path of awakening for some time.

Tools and techniques for guided meditation, self-inquiry, deepening body-centered practices and shadow-work are integrated as needed, whether working in my studio or distance.


Embodying Light Distance Session

Offerings are available via Skype/Zoom
Sessions include reflection and appropriate techniques to support distance healing & Light Language activation.
$77.00/ 90 minutes| Book Session

Embodying Light Healing in Studio

In person. Includes time for inquiry/reflection, Mutlidimensional healing &  Light Language activation.
$88.00/ up to 2 hours | Book Session

Reiki Initiation/Attunements

Reiki Initiations/Attunements are offered in small, intimate classes or privately.               Reiki Initiations/ Attunements
$100.00 – $555.00| Book Session

Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation

Private Yoga Nidra sessions. Please contact me to learn of on-going classes or workshops presently.
$55.00/ 1 1/2 hours| Book Session

AromaTouch Techinque

  AromaTouch  Technique therapeutic application of doTerra essential oils.

$50.00/ $60.00 | Book Session

While men are welcome and are assisted through my offerings, I specialize in working with women, deepening into their experience of the Sacred Feminine & Embodiment.


06-Entering-the-Spiral.pngPersonal Healing, Self-Acceptance, and Self-Love.  This is truly the foundation! This supports women who are feeling called to express themselves fully, in their truest blossoming, divine essence. This is the entrance to discovering what holds you back or disconnected from remembering the Radiance you are, raising frequency, and coming Home. This is the beginning step in knowing your deepest passion & purpose, connecting to your Soul’s song,

We will work together over a span of 4-6 weeks, once a week, in order to assist you to deepen into your awakening process.  You will learn practices to support your journey, healing sessions, and body/energy centered techniques which will serve you over the course of your life.
Offering TBD | Book Session

07-DeepeningSpiralThe Inner Mysteries of the Divine Feminine, the Path of Surrender. This is a commitment to your Highest Self in journeying into the realm of full Embodiment. You learn to identify & connect to the Divine within, to live from a deep love, faith and trust in the perfect unfolding. It is a path of the mystics, priestess, goddess.

This is a process which is open ended and requires commitment and dedication for spiritual journeying. Together we will support the accessing of the Divine Feminine energy of Shakti Kundalini. You will learn about deepening into your the wisdom of the body, and the Divine Force that resides within.
Offering TBD | Book Session