Space for Grace

I’m always in wonder, amazement, and awe in the spiritual unfoldings, of myself and others. We travel far and wide seeking beautiful vistas, new sites, adventures, and thrills. That is indeed a part of choosing this earthly life. There are many jewels to be found and not overlooked or taken for granted.

And yet, I’m also a cheerleader for the lesser known by many, of the inner journeys. What lies within us, when we take the time to explore the inner worlds, for me are the wildest of rides! I’m always in gratitude for what is revealed and healed. And in that, the space for grace, blooms forth more love and presence, to shared with you, and you, and you.

Forgiveness finds me. I find forgiveness.
Resting in reflection, the tendrils extending years and lives into the past begin to uncoil, releasing their grasp.

I’m flooded with hues of pink, expanding in the minds eye and swirling through my beings. Compassion comes to abide.

No need for the reasons, the rational, the stories, which previously inhibited the state of forgiveness from settling in. Challenges or effort, rights or wrongs, only continue the story telling.

Instead forgiveness enters in, just because. I am enveloped by the spaciousness of Love. It is now mine to share.

Love & Blessings ~


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