Embracing Your Sacred Self

Lovelies . . .
What comes to mind, to body, to heart, when you hear the words

Sacred Feminine? Sacred Womb? Sacred Self?

If it stirs in you a knowing, a curiosity, a sense of wonder or awe, your in the right place.
She is the force within, that calls us inward, that invites us to know ThySelf. She is a divine Love, both fierce & gentle. She is you.

Are you willing to come in from the worldly distractions, just for a while?

Are you willing to look into your own inner heart?

If so, take the first step:
Rest you hands gently, nurturingly, on your low belly, your Sacred Womb. Envision a Red Rose within your womb. If the mind wanders, allow it to return to the Rose, return to the breath. If the rose expresses itself in any way, through blooming or closing or no way at all . . . both are perfect.

Simply breath gently down into your Sacred Space.
Allow Breath.
Allow Silence.
Allow Stillness.
Allow Patience.
Allow Self-Love.
. . . you’ve entered the doorway.
If you feel so moved, I invite you to share a word or two of what you sensed.

Your deepest yearnings will only be answered from exploring the world within. It is here where your magic and radiance is released, to permeate and bring blessing to the outer world.  To learn more . . . follow your heart. 

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