Time Line Leaping for 2023!

Happiness & Abundance Abounds, Beauties! 

The astrological reports are letting us know that 2023 and March, in particular is going to be a powerful month for rebirthing in a big way! I am definitely feeling the energies of powerful change. Every year actually has felt powerful in their own ways for a very long time. Last year was a year of the Tower crumbling for me. This year I feel the renewal of all that died away, the time I took to deepen my own presencing and diving into the year of Biomancy University has been well served. 

And now I’m thrilled to bring the integration and sacred embodiment that I’ve been ushered into from 2022, in conjunction with the Inner Alchemy initiations that began in 2018. It’s felt like a long road to truly grock and integrate all of this. The magic too, is that it doesn’t land and remain static, these teachings are all very much alive and continue to evolve, as long as I stay in sacred intimacy & relationship with them. This is a teaching for us all.

This year is all about deepening these connections, the intimate relationships within all of life. However, the embodiment arrives through our devotion to cultivating a deep presence with the overt AND especially the subtle-ness of Life.  

I’ve written many new blogs which expand on this topic of Living the Sacred as of late. You’re invited to read more, if you feel called, here.

I’d like to just take a moment to share what is on the immediate horizon, specifically for those locally.  I’m excited for so many new beginnings for 2023, which in perfection alignment, is my Saturn Return kicking off in March as well! Last year felt like such a trying year for me & many. I’m truly thrilled to feel the rising of my own inner Phoenix and stepping into new ways of serving … a brand new timeline is being leapt into! 

First, this Saturday I’m offering an introduction to a whole year of exploring what it means to live a Sacred Life. Sacred Living Journey is deeply informed by Biomany practices & mind altering information will be the basis for this year.

I’ll be offering on-going Exploreshops through the year, assisting those who feel aligned to deepen every area of your life with deeper presence, connection, devotion, intimacy. Creating sacred relationship with EVERYTHING is the new norm invitation from the higher realms.

The practices, meditational journeys, and science as shared by Dr. Azra Bertrand give a whole next level to health, vitality, spiritual connection, trauma healing, and realizing the expanse of your Sacred Technology as we enter into Higher Realms Living. 

You can register for this March 4th Exploreshop Gathering in these links

New Earth Celebration Events on my blog

Facebook Event Page (my first in a very long time!)

Please note, space is intimate … I have 8 spaces remaining

Next, Byron & I will be offering our awesome collaboration for Spring Equinox Musical Alchemy at the Yoga Room, on March 18th.  With Light Language and his additional instrumental downloads, it’s going to be beautifully celebratory for the Light of Spring. 

Registration must go through the Yoga Room at the link above. 🙏

Last, I’m planting the seed here for April 1st … April Fools Day, but this isn’t foolery 😆

I will be bringing Nia Technique to the Yoga Room, for on-going Saturday afternoon classes! The first class on April 1 will be a 2 hour workshop, introducing Nia, its philosophy, principles, basic movements, and one of my all time favorite routines called Global Unity.

To get a peek of this amazing lifestyle & sacred movement practice, visit the link above! 

Much more to be revealed on this front! 

You can register at the Yoga Room now, for the Introduction workshop.

I hope to see you come out this Spring and jump-start your own next time-line leap with me! if you have any questions regarding any of the above, please feel free to reach out. 

Radiating Love & Joy to You! 


Photo Credit: Tina Monday~ Wharton