Living In-Love with Life

Here we are at the 2:2 Portal which amplifies the power of Love, Gratitude, Creation, & Divine Union. These energies are strong through February 22 (2:22) and are here for us to up-level through the power of Love.

Reflecting back on this portal last year, my focus, frequency and alignment for the highest good for all, as I next leveled, brought with it the passing on of Moki, my beloved lab. Little did I know that his leaving would be part of what would enable my own next phase coming on line. I remember too, seeing on FB and from friends, many dogs were leaving the planet during that time. I found it fascinating to see that the transitioning into New Earth frequencies would mean that other beings, specifically it seemed dogs, would not be continuing on.

Everything that went down in those short weeks, kicked off a very intense 2022 of fine-tuning and transformation. I’ve come through the other side and really, just now ready to begin anew. Maybe you can relate? I invite you to look back to what was happening in your life during the 2:2 Portal last year & see what you might find.

What this past year blessed me with, is teachings of Sacred Living. Living a Sacred Life, dancing with the energies of union, of the sacred masculine and feminine more deeply, with emphasis on the sacred feminine. If I were to sum up the depth of direct experience and the living teachings that have sprung forth, it’s that of Relationship & Intimate Presencing.

Living sacredly has been a feminine relational path. It carries the wisdom that arises from remembering, honoring, and experiencing that we are always in relationship Life.

The question that I ask is: Am I in conscious relationship or unconscious relationship?

The relationship is always there.

Nurtured or not. Honored or not. Presenced or not.

Walking this path is delivering depth and richness to each moment. It increases and sanctifies Soul Presencing with all living beings … plants, trees, critters, Earth, Cosmos, elements, with ones self, centers us in an opening Heart and Sacred Embodiment. We let go of perfection, having to ‘know,’ and appreciate each moment that shows up organically, as it is, full of magic, of hidden information, if we have the eyes to see and ears to hear.

The more we live in this deep realm of connection, in relationship, the higher frequencies embody, as we live in this world. Living embodied enables us to anchor, hold, and become the Light consciousness, that simultaneously uplifts and enlivens this realm.

This year I offer this journey to those who wish to deepen into their experience of sacredness into everyday living of Natural Time, organic time, being infused with Peace, Joy, Grace, Presence. I’ll be introducing many new practices, techniques, Sacred Geometries, as well as Cosmos & Earth connection, Sacred Masculine/Feminine Inner Union, Elemental Alchemy, and co-creating coherent, higher frequency Templates for New Earth living.

The layers and levels we’ll be weaving are subtle and many. You will be met, where you are at on your journey and be ushered into a divinely magical way of being in-Love with Life.

It’s been fun to witness current clients making this shift. Toes have been dipping in waiting for the divinely aligned timing to say the YES! to this forward movement. Our Ascension journey has become a Sacred Descension as we intimately discover how to live as the Divinity we came here to be.

For those who feel called to learn more, please contact me here! You’ll receive a 20 minute call to explore if these private sessions are right for you.

In Love & Devotion,