Loving December Greetings ~

Here we are at the closing of another year, 2022. It's been a full year ... full of what is up to each of determine, as it seems we've all had specific purifications that we've been faced with, to set a clear slate for 2023. December is a time of reflection & retreating into our … Continue reading Loving December Greetings ~

Welcoming in 2021, with Open Hearts

We have arrived ~ Welcome 2021! How has your threshold crossing been, through Solstice, the holidays and into this new year? I've been hearing mixed reports. Some of us have been uplifted, riding these massive energies with great expansion and higher level frequencies being accessed. And some, including myself, have been swimming in the depths … Continue reading Welcoming in 2021, with Open Hearts

Are You Feeling Amplified?

We've heard all year that this is an unprecedented time. This is usually in reference to what we've been experiencing in the 3D collective consciousness. The myriad of trials and tribulations many of us, all over the world have been facing. What I'd like to address here and shine a beautiful spotlight on, is that … Continue reading Are You Feeling Amplified?