Daily Life Presencing

A sharing for you, from the Guidance of the Light collective.

“When we speak of the Sacred, we say that all in this world is Sacred, as ultimately it has been created by benevolent, intelligent forces. There are indeed forces that create chaos, and when that chaos eventually creates Light through clearer seeing and understanding in turn, it too is Sacred.

However, the origin of the Sacred has in some cases been tainted, but in it’s redemption, as it is redeemed, it is made Sacred. The redemption happens through illuminating the consciousness from the darker, harder forms of ignorance. This ignorance is that of forgetfulness of ones true nature. This has been the state of humanity. You have forgotten where you come from and why you are here.

The earthly Sacred lies in the connection to the world, the physical body and physical realm. As this physicality becomes imbued with higher frequency, we’ll call Light, this force are the emanation and illumination of the Divine Source, of the heavenly realms.

We expand the meaning here of divine from the religious connotations to that of active, enlivened qualities, intelligences, which uplift and support of all of Life. These qualities include: Love, Peace, Generosity, Compassion, Wisdom, and Divine Truth, etc.

Humanity cannot rise into these qualities of divinity, without creating sanctity as a foundation to hold the Light of the Divine.

This process first takes place through the feminine principle. The masculine mind must meet the Illuminated Heart. First it recognizes what is Sacred and then it is uplifted, transmuted and transformed from that foundation into the Divine Presence.”

This beautiful wisdom sets the stage for the transition many of us face at this time, as we’ve landed more fully in the physicality from the the higher realm journeys. We are actively embodying on this earthly plane. Through this next phase of our evolution, we are being called to come into deep connection with all of Life, from the feminine relational, experiential, alchemical process, grounding in this world.

By learning to live in our daily lives, embracing our human-ness, loving the full spectrum of our expressions, and increasing the intimacy with both our shadow and light, we birth the ability to presence our Higher Awareness … Here. Now.

We can call this Awareness our Soul Presence, our Highest Self, Higher Wisdom, Multi-Dimensional presence. The language is personal, but the direct experience carries a universality. The ancient teaching of all walks have been guiding us to this level of intimacy through prayer and meditation for thousands of years. Little did we know it wasn’t that simple, and there was more complexity involved that could not be put into words, especially during denser energetic eras.

Now, however, we are arriving. And still, there are remaining next level, subtleties that we are ready to learn.

Most of us know, maintaining those expanded, connected, Soul Presenced states are fleeting, especially as we are being initiated into deeper Sacred Embodiment. The moments of this intimacy are fleeting, and then we drop back into forgetfulness.

I’m truly thrilled to be guiding those who feel called into an expanded life-style that assists us in embracing moment to moment presencing, that enables our Higher Awareness to anchor into our humanity. As our entire evolutionary journey has been and will be, it is indeed a process. There are no quick fixes. There’s no bypassing.

Sacred Living is an organic connection to Life’s truth and it’s Living Wisdom, that requires our full presence.

This phase feels like such a blessing. It feels like for the first time we have an opportunity to stay in our precious presence for longer and longer. And it happens through sanctifying every moment … moment by moment by moment … regardless of what is showing up.

While this can feel impossible and frustrating, we can learn how to presence ourselves in all of our life.

This year we will be playing in this Sacred earthly realm, uplifting it into Heaven on Earth!

I look forward to learning, playing and exploring with you! To dive deeper, connect with me!

In Loving Devotion,


Image Sophie Wilkins