Swinging into Higher Love

As I speak and write I become revealed of my masculine/feminine subtle inner dance.

I share from the heart-womb & higher mind, as the baton is passed from one to the other, left and right, at times meeting in the center as One.

This inner union grows to mirror what we will manifest beyond the inner planes, into the world.

For Divine Union begins first within.

The pendulum has swung back & forth.

As we invoke & embody this inner balance, so will our world find a new harmony.

Dance my dear, dance, for a new world is in the creation!

Over the course of the last 30 years I’ve had the honor & joy of being in conscious relationship with three beautiful men.

Each were long term, with the last spanning almost two decades. Sixteen of these years were romantically involved. At this time my former husband & I continue to best of friends. Through each relationship I and my partners all had the opportunity to heal a myriad of previous life hurts as this baggage unpacked itself unconsciously sometimes, or consciously in the day to day. But together, we were able to navigate in a highly conscious way from beginning to end.

With the decision made by Byron and I to end our marriage, our relationship has flourished into what we call divine friendship as soul family. I’ve taken the last four years to dive deeper into being in love with myself, outside of partnership. The depth I’ve been able to dive into has been phenomenal with the assistance of my higher level team and my own Soul Presencing. They’ve guided me through profound journeys of elemental alchemy, healing my inner masculine/feminine, initiations of sacred intimacy, self-love and more that cannot be put into words. Inner Union is a deeply sacred journey of learning to live in and as Love. The process is ever-unfolding.

This is the time we’re in. That of spiritually evolving our romantic partnerships, which begins through layers of evolving and falling in love with ourselves, in order to birth Sacred~Higher Love Romance, as deeply embodied divine beings.

I’m witnessing the shifting in both the masculine and feminine consciousness in the world around me. I’ve worked with couples in years past and now I have the privilege of working privately with two men and three women, who are devoted to their own inner alchemy of Love, which will create the template for Higher Love in their lives!

The pendulum is indeed swinging to and fro within each of us. As we learn to stabilize our own inner harmony of the sacred feminine/masculine within, our elemental balancing, as well as stabilizing our nervous systems/brains, these new templates rebirth us. We are invited to live from our Heart-Soul in this next version of New Earth, and it will be the Wholy-Wholeness of Divine Union Wisdom that will lead the way.

Let the inner~journey begin!

If you feel called to explore your own sacred relationship with Inner Alchemy/ Inner Union

please contact me for more information.

Living In Love,