Loving December Greetings ~

Here we are at the closing of another year, 2022. It’s been a full year … full of what is up to each of determine, as it seems we’ve all had specific purifications that we’ve been faced with, to set a clear slate for 2023.

December is a time of reflection & retreating into our own sacred womb space, regardless of gender. That womb space can be both physical and energetic. It’s the space where we anchor and center within our own true essence. This is who we encounter in stillness and silence. Our Sacredness.

And the flips side of the coin, it’s a time of holiday celebrations for many, family, friends, gatherings, a hustle & bustle period.

The question is:

“How do we be in the flux of activity while simultaneously in the centered, present, flow?”

From my perspective, its a continuation of dropping into our sacred center, breathing deep into the low belly, nourishing our nervous system, and choosing moment to moment what activities are in our highest/deepest personal alignment. These are practical, physical, foundational, requirements of embodiment. It is being energetically embodied, present in our emotions & thought processes, and the clear seeing from remaining grounded, that empowers us to be moving with graceful fluidity in all we do.

What can assist your holiday season?


Spend time in nature

Stay connected to your belly breath

Don’t overdo sugar, stimulants, food, activity

Spend time with aligned soul family

Connect to the heart through patience, compassion, gratitude, love, joy, trust

Be aware of reactivity & triggers in social situations and take a break to practice self-care/self-love

If alone, remember the truest nature of this season of Winter is that of solitude & inner peace, as all of Life dies away to be reborn in the Spring.

Devote time and energy to the frequency/Presence of the Divine, which speaks most clearly through a quiet connection to Soul.

It’s easy to get swept up in the swirl of the holidays. We each are invited to find our own balance and truth, as to what this time means to us, to our lives, to our relationships. Integrating all that has woven itself into the fabric of our lives this past year will influence how we choose to prepare for the coming year ahead.

The Soul of this season, rests within your connection to the Soul of You!

As we move through December, there is much magic a’foot! This magic is represented in the continuing increase of divine frequencies on this planet, including the Christed Consciousness. Last months 11/11 Portal is still open & activated through 12/12 and Winter Solstice 12/21. It’s super important that we are aligning our thoughts, actions, emotions, with our Heart-Soul Desires/Presence all through this month. We are creating our timeline & trajectory for 2023 NOW with the consciousness we are amplifying.

Time is less and less linear and structured, as it’s morphing into a natural, organic flow, that is spiraling, and spacious. I call it Natural Time ~ Sacred Rhythm. We feel this in our brains and body, our memory (or lack thereof) or being able to track what’s taken place yesterday, last week or last year. Divine grace is ushering those of us who are surrendering to the flow, into the Present Moment. It’s a whole new way of existing … It’s the New Earth existence.

Sacred Embodiment has been the name of the Life game this year. Hence many worldly experiences that have thrown big surprises at those of us who have spent the last decade or so traversing the higher dimensions. Our bodies are feeling the shifts as we land more fully into the physicality that is our humanness. We are anchoring very high frequencies and information into the body, activating new codes of this Sacred Technology. Humanity is becoming more fully our Divinity. Heaven & Earth are marrying through our expanding Heart-Soul Presence!

How beautiful and stunning is all of this … it’s miraculous!

New qualities of being are landing. Many of the themes for 2022 that I spoke of last year are just now starting to be able to solidify in a tangible way, because we’ve had to dive deep this last year to make space. I look so forward to these new expressions of service & offerings that will be making themselves known to all of you who feel called.

Would you like some assistance or support? If so, please see these special offerings through January 31st: Offerings of Support & Celebration December ~ January

May your season be filled with Love, Peace, and Grace, Beautiful Beings!