The Foundation Lies Within You

As we are rapidly approaching the end of 2022, my guess is we’ve all shifted dramatically in our sense of reality. This experience is going to be varied, depending on how quickly one is able to surrender, release old patterns, & rebirth into a new level of being. Also, however much deeper clearing and healing has already been integrated, this will impact your experience.

Most everyone, regardless of how long we’ve been on an awakening journey can attest to the fact that this year has been wrought with intensity and instability in some way/shape/form. The loss of family and loved ones continue to add up. Health has been precarious. Modes of security have been tumbled. Routines of the daily habitual hamster wheel have been disrupted. And those things in life such as homes, cars, jobs, our physical body’s, larger institutions, and/or relationships have either slowly or quickly ripped out from under our feet.

The questions are:

Have you clung to the old & exerted energy to hold the past in place?

Have you, surrendered, let go & let the old fall away?

At the beginning of the year I spoke about the crumbling of our foundations, without any knowing of how much more illusory that foundation would become. With the old magnetics of the outmoded paradigm, the lower density Earth matrix, and the morphing of time from linear into the Natural, Organic Time, crumble, things have most definitely become interesting.

Timelines that have been etched into place by the above operating systems of consciousness have unraveled, and hopefully we all have been remaining conscious to that which rises to the surface to be healed, resolved, and integrated with a new wisdom.

We are riding surf boards on the ocean of rapid transformation & evolution. Last night as I hit the sheets for a second night in a row at 6:00 in the evening, Byron & I were comparing notes on how we can’t even find the story-lines or inspirations we had just last week. Nothing is being retained that is not relevant to each Now Moment.

At night as I drift into sleep or awaken in the middle of the night, my own I AM Presence is simply repeating ‘I AM,’ again & again, as I drift back into dream land again. This Presence is my anchor, my stability, my foundation. This is where I sink/ expand into, as the Heart becomes more illumined with Higher Love.

It’s taken me a bit to surrender to this stage of the Wholy-Wholeness, I AM. Yet, the more that distractions fall away or false desires die, Love is filling all perceived voids.

Our foundation, dear friends, is within us. The invitation is to cultivate this new footing as we climb the ladder rung by rung, higher & deeper within. Let go of expectation, of things to remain externally stable or predictable. Allow the old story-lines that have made grooves in your brain, to find new circuits for energy to travel, connected to Truths of the Now.

Know that the instability is perfect. LIFE carries the intelligence of your divine blueprint ~ follow it’s pusle! Learn to dance within your Soul Presence, finding refuge, safety, security, and your own divinity, within your Heart/Womb~Hara centers. We are magical, enchanted beings, of Divine Love emerging into the Remembrance of why we are here!

Riding the Waves of Love, Together ~