The Foundation Lies Within You

As we are rapidly approaching the end of 2022, my guess is we've all shifted dramatically in our sense of reality. This experience is going to be varied, depending on how quickly one is able to surrender, release old patterns, & rebirth into a new level of being. Also, however much deeper clearing and healing … Continue reading The Foundation Lies Within You

Peace ~ the Power of the Subtle

One of my favorite practices which I'd love to share is tuning into states of being that I desire to expand in my field/embody, or that are given to me to practice, by my Highest Self. This is a teaching I received on the quality of Peace a couple of years ago, while enlivening it … Continue reading Peace ~ the Power of the Subtle

Integrating Shadows Past

Settling into myself this evening after what feels like many days of going & doing. My husband and I have moved from Los Angeles to Tulsa, Oklahoma. It's been a flurry of transition since June, the heat of summer to now, October, feeling the chill of fall. Earlier tonight the call inward, to return to … Continue reading Integrating Shadows Past

Into the Folds of Integration

While I've been attending the basics of the day to day life over this last month, the surrender to going 'deeper' and connecting 'higher' has been given precedence. There has been a part of me that has been waiting for this deepening phase to lessen in order to resume my previous rhythm, however I'm relinquishing … Continue reading Into the Folds of Integration

The Path of Surrender pt 2~ Interference

What Interferes With Surrender? Ah! The magical Path of Surrender continues. . . May I invite you to close your eyes for a moment. Take a couple of breaths. How does that feel? What do you notice? Most often, when we turn our attention within, we notice how active our mind is . . . … Continue reading The Path of Surrender pt 2~ Interference