Seasonal Initiation for Mastery

The seasons of Fall & Winter are upon those of us in the Northern Hemisphere. As most know, the invitation is to begin to release, let go, and surrender, all that is ready to fall away, like the leaves of the trees. For those that live in areas of visible and tangible seasons, where the trees turn color, vegetation dies away and goes dormant, and where it rains or snows, the cues of Mother Nature’s divine order are obvious and easier to adhere to.

However, in a world of deep disconnection from the fact that we are also of the natural world, we’ve lost track that we are an intrinsic part of Mother Nature, not separate. We hold the feminine templates of the cycles and seasons of this majestic planet in our bodies. We are her, made up of the elements of Mother Nature. Her earth is our bones, muscle & holds us to her. Her water is our blood, bodily fluids, receptivity. Her fire is our digestion/elimination, inner warmth, and passion. Her air is the very force of our animation through breath, the ability to think, and inspiration. Less talked of is her ether, which gives us the capacity to transcend while embodied.

Each season is governed by elemental wisdom, inherent within ever organ and cell in our body. These very cycles are always spiraling within and around us. Fall and Winter are times of death, emptiness, and integration. For me, this time of year is deeply imbued with Soul Presence.

The question is: How do you flow with the divine intelligence of Mama Nature?

In the paradigm that all of us have been conditioned into, the imbalanced masculine, Fire & Air are dominant, no matter time, season, day, light or dark. This paradigm has veered away from the harmony and balance of Life, with a capital L. Life in this expression is organic, regenerative, nourishing, and increases vitality on all levels.

The tables are turning these days with the Ascension/Descension, bringing a new equilibrium and unity between the polarity. Mother Nature’s call is reaching more hearts and sparking a new embodied wisdom that isn’t separate from the intellect of the brain, yet is realizing the body holds a more expansive knowledge base than what we can ‘know’ through the brain. When we are operating from the organic systems of Life, rather than the inorganic mechanical systems of bondage, we awaken.

It’s a time of stepping into our mastery as we move into our divine humanity. This mastery requires us to be empowered to make conscious choices about how we live and which paradigm are we are living in.

For instance, we have learned how to be productive day or night. As a species we have been ingenious in the inventions of technologies and systems to create desired order and intellectual understanding. We’ve been given the opportunity to be connected through technology, to access data from the cosmos, to maintain and save lives in crisis.

Many will debate to the degrees these are blessings or curses. That’s not the point here.

So many haven’t mastered the onslaught of gifting that any of these templates may bring. Instead we succumb to the shadow side of our own nature and jump in with both feet, all the time, rarely resting, fearful to dive within to the quietude of the Self. For most, there isn’t a power of choice that’s been developed. Instead we see habit, addiction, and ways to fill voids within. We seek more technological connection/expressions. We seek more information. We seek more ways to stay alive, regardless of quality of life. We seek more that takes us further away from the preciousness of the Self.

This is the dominate masculine in action. Not good or bad, simply the way we’ve chosen to develop.

Mother Nature is calling her children back to her bosom. Asking us to take a reprieve. Come home to our Heart-Soul. To surrender to the softness, wildness, rooting and cleansing of the Earth & Water. even thought Air & Fire still have their presence as well.. She’s asking us to let it all go. Let go of the need to know, the compulsions to go and do. Release the desire to be seen through our masks. She’s inviting us to let all the identifications we’ve installed (that have been installed) into our psyche to die away. Enter the Void and Become the Void.

It is here in this sacred emptiness that we experience through the body, the energy system, through the Soul Presence of our own precious nature, the wisdom that is unknowable through the external landscape and intellect.

Once we can land into the depth of Self, into the womb of the Mother, and surrender there, we are initiated into the Power of Choice. Surrender teaches us the sensitivity needed to navigate the dance between the Sacred Feminine & the Sacred Masculine. We are rewarded the deeper knowing of how to navigate, how to marry the organic world of enchantment, nature, cycles, spirals, rhythms, Heart-Womb/Hara-Soul Presence, with the artificial intelligences, productivity, and accomplishment of the external/outer systems in the world.

As the balancing acts continue in all realms to find harmony between the organic & inorganic, we too have an opportunity to develop our mastery, maturity, owning our energy through a skilled Power of Choice. In this way we aren’t pulled & pushed by outer forces, voices, shoulds; fears, insecurities, depletion. Each of us learns to navigate through aligning to our own inner harmony through being connected to our Soul Presence at all times!

Fall & Winter is the perfect time to enter into this initiation of remembrance & returning to the Sacred Intimacy of our Wholeness, and the Divine Marriage of our Masculine/Feminine. We are then empowered!

With the Radiance of Darkend Love,