Sacred Soul Motion

Rhythm ~ Movement Sound ~ Frequency Meditation ~ Embodiment

Friday, October 21 at the Yoga Room, in Tulsa, Ok

7:00 – 8:30 PM

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From ancient times, sacred movement has been a medicine for deeper soul connection and embodiment. There have been many ways this has been spoken of or described. Trance Dance, Meditation in Motion, Ecstatic Dance, Conscious Movement, Shamanic Dance Journeys. We could also layer in here temple dances and the Whirling Dervishes.

For centuries these practices have been used in Mystery Schools, rituals and ceremonies. All traditions have used some form of movement, connecting to the primal rhythms and/or celestial melodies to enter other dimensions, expand awareness, and access altered states.

These processes brought about soul transformation and healing, Divine Connection and Soul Remembrance. They were initiatory in nature, establishing oneself in the arms of the Divine Mother, the Unknown, and gently lulling ones egoic structure into Faith and Trust with forces larger than the individual being.

In the 1970’s, a modern day shamanic healer Gabriel Roth, the creator of the 5Rhythms teachings began waking people up to higher, healed, ecstatic states, that both transcended the body, while simultaneously anchored one more fully Home, into our Sacred Vessel, that is the body.

In the first couple of years of sobriety, one of my intuitive methods of self-care was to turn up the volume of specific music that I loved that I could ride the waves of my own movement journey. This was usually when I had big emotions rising to the surface that I didn’t want to let take me into self-destructive behaviors or explosions. At that time, Jethro Tull was the music that released me into ‘dancing’ myself through ugliness, chaos, fear, and eventually holding me into soft releases, tenderness, and healing integration.

When I found Gabriel Roth’s work in 1998, I was so inspired and affirmed in my soul’s guidance that had already been aligning me with a path of Sacred Movement. Though I never trained to teach her system, Portland, OR had some amazing students of hers that lit up the city every Sunday morning. At least 100 people would show up for 4 hours to Sweat Your Prayers! It was nothing short of breath taking & transforming every week.

I continued to be called to a couple of different movement practices and for a few years. I trained & taught in the system of Nia Technique, a mix of form & freedom, and also immersed myself into the deep embodiment through surrendering into the Divine Flow, that shows up, when we enter into altered states & soul presencing, through the medicine of Sacred Soul Motion.

If you’re in Tulsa, I hope you join me at the Yoga Room for this special, sacred space for connecting more deeply with the essence of you, through sacred movement. This time will bring gentle guided movement, meditation, and frequencies of Light & Sound for a beautiful, soulful, sacred, experience!

In Love,