Elemental Dragons ~ Inner Alchemy

When I first began the stage of my waking that took on the lingo of Ascension, one of the first visitations I had was that of a stunning mammoth red Dragon. This was shortly after the fairy energies (my own fairy aspect) quickly upgraded my system via the initial Light Language that streamed through me.

That initial dragon connection was short, sweet, & full of expansive power, and then disappeared. I began at that time to reflect on images and art from all cultures, myths and legends dating back into ancient times of dragon beings.

Being initiated first and foremost into the Shaktipat tradition, the pathless-path of the Divine Feminine, the deep, inner world of tantra yoga, I was familiar with and held honor for the Indian serpent power. This was the Kundalini serpent energy that evolves us from our 3-D, forgetful, limited self, into our higher multi-dimensional Self of our Wholy-Wholeness, our Divinity. It’s important to recognize that the mystery teachings of a Shaktipat path is very different than the commonly known Kundalini Yoga, that was created by Yogi Bhajan. More can be read about the Mysteries of the Divine Feminine Teachings in my autobiography, ‘Awakening from the Dream ~ a Kundalini Memoir.’

What we see about dragons, the most powerful of what we’d call serpent energies, is often that of destruction, fear, using their governing of the forces of nature that they represent to cause harm. And of course, that they are just fiction, myth, lore … not based in reality.

What if there were completely different truths about these mighty beings? And what if we opened up to the realities in which they are in fact real, and that the lore and myth birthed from a very fertile soil in which dragons were known?

From a multi-dimensional (and direct experiential) lens we learn that dragons are the embodiment of the elements that create. The most ancient understanding of dragons, is that they are benevolent, cosmic, creator beings of the Universe, including planets … life.

They are potent balanced beings, of both feminine-masculine force. This doesn’t necessarily mean gender, but polarity through which creation comes into manifestation. They represent and ARE, the elemental forces of Water, Fire, Earth, Air, and lesser talked about Ether/Space.

If we zoom way out into multi-dimensional seeing, from the highest of realms that can take us back to the beginning of beginnings, we might find that part and parcel to the Word (which is found in all traditions), we’d probably find the loving, life-giving Dragon beings. Their elements are the foundation for all of life on our beautiful planet, Mother Gaia-Earth-Terra.

Zooming in a little closer, we’d see that there was a time when the Feminine presence shared space with the Masculine consciousness. That the feminine held within her, the deeper mysteries which her presence imparted lovingly, and the masculine received honorably. There was a harmonious exchange between all of life, the unique gifts that each being had to give, which supported all of Life.

As time went on, the evolution from the higher wakefulness became an outer descension of imbalance. The masculine consciousness became over ambitious and dominating, the feminine became negated and dominated. We all know this part of the story.

What we may not know however, is that the powers of Life from the dragon energies became demonized, sought after, and the masculine desired to conquer, rather than share in the powers of co-creation.

Now, probably few to none really know how this all went down, yet we see traces through myth and legends that reveal truths to eyes & ears, able to see & hear.

In ancient times dragons were depicted as hoarding treasure, power, or something unknown in their caves or mountain tops. If anyone mere human tried to steel their riches, death would become them.

Perhaps the dragons weren’t hoarding the kind of treasure man thinks of, such as jewels or gold. But perhaps they were the protectors and guardians of elemental powers, wisdom, and the magic of Divine co-creation, that was too powerful for the fallen consciousness of humanity to handle. Without Love, Balance, Harmony, Integrity, Truth … divine power becomes a profaned weapon of destruction.

Fast forward to these potent modern times of Ascension & Awakening. In all of the mystery traditions, including the lineages that I have had the honor of journeying with, the coding of this power of Life is found in the benevolent serpent and dragon beings. They are always too, connected to the cloaked teachings of the Divine Feminine traditions, reaching as far back to Mesopotamia/Sumerian cultures, as well as Asian cultures including India, and the Celtic traditions. And back beyond what has been recorded in words, but is encoded and awakened by Divine Source/God-Goddess/ Great Spirit, when the time is ripe for each Soul to begin to remember themselves Home.

Three years ago I had the blessings of being assisted through my Inner Alchemy phase by the elemental dragon beings. Primarily the keepers of Water and Earth. They began assisting my body, heart, soul in balancing and harmonizing the elementals that govern the physiology/biology. They supported the integration the Sacred Feminine/Sacred Masculine poles of expressions. The Inner Marriage was supported with the assistance to the Divine Dragon forces, with the Christed Presences of three Beloveds who have waked with me since the early days of my waking journey.

These experiences taught, guided, initiated this person-hood in ways that can’t be found in books. The Keepers of the Mysteries, including the Divine Elemental Dragons are here to assist us, through hearts of Devotion, Love, & Beauty.

They are here now to uplift humanity and open hearts!

In Love ~