Are You Choosing to Awaken?

I am one of a growing many who believe that we are in the midst of great evolutionary change. As human beings, as a planet.

Remember the Spirit & Soul that you are!

This isn’t hard to see when we look around there are collisions of both light and dark, both ends of the spectrum are ramping up. For myself personally and those kindred spirits, there is a sense of responsibility to awaken; to do the personal and spiritual work in order to raise our consciousness ; to look beyond the veil & seek deeper truths & higher realities. We do this nor just for ourselves but for the whole of the planet and of humanity.  Some of us do this work in grand ways, while others work in a whisper.

The world around us is tumbling & crumbling, forcing humanity to release the hold of the mundane sleep state that many are entrenched in. And if you’re not sure what the mundane sleep entrenched state is, and you find inner curiosity, then there is a living force, inviting you, begging you, to investigate.

Release Fear ~ Cultivate & Embrace Faith!

What is the raising of consciousness? What is awakening? How does one know if their sleeping?

We’re in a time when the call, the nudge, the push to awaken is tapping on our shoulder and crying into our ears, individually and collectively. How do you know when it’s present? How will you hear its tears?

When you feel the ache of your addiction.

When you know you’re running away from your inner pain.

When your demons are convincing you why your prejudices are true.

When fear has overtaken your inner peace.

When you’re haunted and hunted by something you can’t put your finger on.

When you’re desensitized or being overrun by the increasing intensity of destruction & violence on the world stage.

When you’re know you’re numb to your own lies.

When your nervous system is so overstimulated and your brain is so loud, that you can’t sit the subtle moments of silence and stillness for more than 3 minutes.

When your heart and soul are sucked dry from surviving.

When you’re so content and comfortable, you don’t want your sleep to be disturbed.

Spiritual warriors and warrioresses are in demand. Waking up is the inner fire to know who we truly are and to help others to fight the sleep of ignorance.  Ignorance is not a word meant to demean or as a derogatory statement. It’s a state of consciousness in which we have forgotten the higher birthright of our humanity.  Ignorance is forgetting that we are not meant to be held captive by fears, addictions, vices, demons, numbness, noise, artificial technology, self-destructiveness.

We are so much more, but the much more has to be tapped, remembered, cultivated, and re-trained. This is the work of the warrior.

We are Radiant, Multi-Dimensional Beings of Love!

Many of us are familiar with the phrases “Begin Within.” Or “Peace Begins With Me.” Or “Know Thyself.”

We post them on our Face Book walls or we ‘tweet’ them. We know these are truths. We know we crave this truth. But to embody these truths takes work. One must become courageous and ready to face the biggest challenge we each have to face . . . Oneself.

Awakening takes diligence and humor. It requires great strength, and clarity, as well as surrender and compassion. Awakening isn’t for the faint of heart! The Earth plane is said to be the schoolyard for our transformation, from humans reacting, or re-enacting over and over and over, from worn out programming; to mature into a wholeness of our divine humanness responding with a merging of heart and mind, free of destructive patterns. This is what all the scriptures intend for us to be . . . to become the Truth of our highest nature.

Embody Your Divinity!

I, You, We, cannot awaken if we don’t even know that we’re asleep. We cannot wish or will  ourselves to be compassionate, loving, kind, or peaceful etc. If it were that easy, it’d be done, our world would be faring much better than the destruction we see.  These words aren’t emotions, adjectives, or personality traits. They are higher qualities of being.  We may glimpse them when we are feeling good and life seems in order for a moment or two, only to find them to fade.  But unless we become warriors/warrioresses of our own Soul and TRANSFORM our lower nature & density of the lower frequencies, so that the higher qualities of being can shine through, we cannot join together to lift up the collective consciousness.  Peace will not prevail unless the majority of humanity are doing their own inner work to be peaceful within themselves.

The invitation is to Awaken to the beauty that I, you, we are. It’s not an overnight job, it’s not a one time deal. It requires time and energy to strengthen the muscle which supports our wakefulness. If you haven’t begun yet, then perhaps it’s time!

Hear the Song of your Souls “Holy Yes!”

Is it time for you?

Do you feel the call, even if you don’t know what it means?

That’s ok to feel like it’s a step into the unknown, it’s all part of the Great Mystery. Be a part of the tipping point into creating a true You, a new humanity, a greater world.

For an introduction, 60 minute session, contact me! 

In Love,