Time to Activate & Amplify the Change of Seasons

Full Moon & Spring Ahead Blessings All ~

The Moon & Spring-time Activation/Amplification was beautiful & strong!  We are being supported in creating new divinely aligned timeline through this portal. So honored to share with you!

We are constantly receiving new qualities/expressions of the rising Cosmic-Divine Frequencies onto our planet, as well as flowing into open hearts. LIFE is teaching us & upgrading us always, but are we aligning, surrendering, purifying, & expanding in order to fully RECEIVE?  This is the domain of the Feminine power.

This Activation session really brought us into connection with the Divine Feminine forces!

the Ancient Primordial Mother

the Cosmic Mother

the Full Moon 

the planet Venus

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Spring, the time of re-birth, sets into motion the strengthening of the Sacred/Divine Feminine influences on our planet, but first these new expressions of consciousness must be embodied by us, by the Sacred Technology that is our physical form.

We have opportunities again & again to receive these ever-evolving frequencies. However, to actually Activate, Anchor, & Amplify this Love, we must be able to Embody the energy into our cellular structure, activate the crystalline DNA, the Light Body, & High Heart, & transmute the consciousness, to align & hold what wants to be received by LIFE.

This is the purpose of on-going activations. If we could all naturally purify & assimilate these frequencies without assistance, each of us & our world would be a very different experience. One day, this will be the case!

Yet for now, as far as Art of Sacred Embodiment services, Light Language/Star Songs & Musical Alchemy are the living, organic divine technologies of Light Language. Sacred Soundings will also be featured, inviting in the higher frequencies of Crystal Bowls with Debbie King.

We are growing the ways to assist humanity to fully embody what will expedite the Ascension process. We’re looking forward to this journey with you.

As for this Activation, it’s my service to your awakening & c0-creating the New Earth!

In Love & Devotion,