A Little on Light Language

Whether we’re talking about light or sound, we’re talking about frequency/energy. Technologies of light & sound are on the rise and as one of my personal technologies in all my work, I’m sharing a bit more on the topic of light language.

Since everything is energy, specific frequencies have an effect on specific levels of density. Density is a gradation of uber slow vibration, which gives us a low & slow frequency. Spiritually we see how everything is connected to consciousness … that all is consciousness at an unseen level, energetic level, yet always present & effecting change. Light is radiant energy along the electromagnetic field spectrum. Light travels as a wave, particle, stream, ray, color & sound. Photons are basic quantum units that make up light.

We receive photonic light from the sun, planetary activity, the Earth. Our cells hold light, bio-photons. Photons are a carrier of electromagnetic force. We are beginning to see why many modalities of light & sound are proving so effective in healing, shifting old patterns in the body, mind & energy fields.

The more light our cells & body hold, the more coherence, the more vitality, the higher frequency, the higher consciousness. Our reality becomes one of a more loving, compassionate, joyful peaceful experience, because we’re vibrating higher qualities of being.

Light Language is very high frequencies of divine Light, cosmic Light, elemental Light, sun Light, etc, that is ‘stepped down’ in it’s vibration to a speed that our body/mind/spirit can handle, in order to create a shift in consciousness.

Light Language is high frequency, Divine energies. It speaks to your soul, heart and Highest Self through sacred toning, sounds, symbols and spoken Divine languages. The higher frequencies entrain and uplift the denser frequencies promoting higher states of love for self and others, joy, freedom, peace and overall well-being.

As we each raise our vibration and consciousness, we assist others in doing the same through a beautiful rippling effect of love! It is the shifts in consciousness, due to the light codes (information) held in the high frequencies, that create both healing, clearing of density from our system, & activation of more light in our cells/body/heart/consciousness. This is the waking up from a consciousness of division & suffering, to a higher consciousness, the reality of our innate Wholeness & beauty & unification of all Life.

Light Language is felt as energy, heard as sound & seen as symbols, through sensation in the body, recognized as a shift in conscious awareness ie new healthier thought/behavior/emotional patterns, a healing of an ailment, connection to divine wisdom (Highest Self aspect) & perceptions of multidimensional realms. It’s always a Joy to be a channel for this sacred technology & to witness the beautiful transformation in people & their lives. I’m in love with the wonderment it holds me in every day!

In Light & Love,


This is a piece of Light Language artwork. I don’t know who’s it is unfortunately, but it’s quite stunning. Sit & gaze … perhaps you’ll feel it’s grace. ❤ Lotus