Illuminating the Inner Realms

Autumn Equinox has definitely ushered in the tangible glimpsing and sensing of higher 5D living. It’s been palpable on many levels, the harmony, balance, deeper inner peace, and expansive clarity that we’re able to access if we choose.

As many lightworkers and way showers whose purpose it is to work with the global/Universal macrocosmic levels of Ascension, my purpose of deepening the Sacred Embodiment teachings have amplified. I Show the Way of illuminating the inner realms, of the Sacred Technology, the Path of the Body.

For the last year I’ve been laying a foundation for those who resonate with my stream of sharing & experience, to feel supported & empowered, in traveling this journey of Ascension through stages & phases. This is such a vast topic, with many elements. Many way showers and lightworkers carry our own stream of information, to connect with the very unique beings that humanity is. It can be easy to get overwhelmed and lost in the myriad of perspectives.

One of my skills is breaking down the larger concepts of waking up, into bite-sized, experiential pieces, for raising frequencies and the embodiment of the transformational processes. I’m a microcosmic assistant to the inner world of waking up.

From the necessary stages of Shadow Work, to Self-Love, followed learning how to Divinely Align in order to co-create with one’s Divine Blueprint, many of you have jumped leaps & bounds! What a joy to witness. Deepening connection to one’s Highest Self, through raising frequency & expanding consciousness and understanding we are divine humans, has been the important phases to ground this powerful time of spiritual evolution.

It’s been such a gift to see so many beautiful beings, utilize the tools and practices you’ve learned, which strengthen your inner peace & innate resources, to ride this intense roller-coaster of 2020. We can look around and see from those who haven’t had the opportunity or taken the time, to prepare by going within & raising one’s frequency, the levels of suffering, anxiety, chaos, & fear, running rampant in the external world.

Compassion & being a grounding, clear presence for the suffering of others is one of the benefits we’ve been able to gift the collective.

The repetitive statement I share of ‘Begin within’ from all the higher teachings, is demonstrating itself this year. The word on the street, is that the ride may not be over soon. So the encouragement is to keep doing your inner work … or begin, if you haven’t. The power for clarity & grounding, lies within our own Soul/Spirit inner connection. It cannot be downplayed, only emphasized, on so many levels.

The guidance and next level teachings I’ve been receiving over the last 2 years are becoming stabilized. I’m continuing to prepare foundational support, here on my website, in the Library and I’m really enjoying creating offerings for all to partake in! And I’m moving into the next realm of work that I’m falling deeply in love with … because I’m falling more deeply in love with myself and the inner freedom that is being accessed.

A foundation for this next level is continuing to embrace the teachings of our Sacred Shadow and release those lower density patterns effortlessly & efficiently. This is when we can more easily access Self Love.

Self-Love is the delivery system of:

Inner Marriage/Alchemy of Masculine & Feminine, Sacred Intimacy, Sacred Partnership,

Divine Presencing. & Divine Union.

These topics are so rich with Soul-filled Sacred Embodiment. They are transformational, deeply nuanced, artistry in action and divinely textured for each soul. The power of vulnerability & surrender have led the way for me to open & receive, these next levels of Divine Connection through Divine Love.

I’m honored to be walking this path and to be sharing it with all who feel called!

In Divine Presence,