Divine Mother, the Fabric of Creation

We, humans, all organic life forms, were born of Unified Source Love. Awakening and  Ascension is our journey Home to Love.

The fabric of creation, she is the background buzz of the Universal pulse is often referred to as Divine Mother. She is the force that pulsates life through all living beings.

Her essence is Love ~ it is Divine, Compassionate, Wise, Unconditional. She, the Divine Feminine principle. It is through her first, that we heal, that all is revealed, so that she may reclaim & be reclaimed arm in arm, heart to heart, with the Divine Masculine principle.

However, we must first merge with her heart. She is remembering us back to the Love that WE ARE. This was a stunning living teaching that I humbly received and now share her Presence with you, during this time of unifying polarities.

I invite you to read slow, close your eyes where you feel called. Breath. Sense. Vision. Personalize. The blessings too, are transmitted to you. Open & Receive.

Divine Mother’s gentle whisperings told me, “Fall back. Step back, and allow that which needs to step forward the space to do so. Allow the truth to rise to the surface.”

I heard. I obeyed. I focused on the breath, only to witness the small self, pleading and begging to be shown what was in the way of my seeing. Again, feelings of self-judgment about the thick habits of ignorance that enveloped my consciousness were hard to shake. I felt under the pressure of ego and its push to be in the mix or else. Ego fears the right thing won’t happen. Gently the whisperings came to guide me again:

“Do you not see that it is your begging and pleading that interferes with your receptivity? Be quiet in the mind, but also in the heart. Step back and see it is right there. You spend so much time focusing on wanting that you miss the fact that what you want is present.”

The next thing I knew, in a vision, I was being carried high above the earth. She was speaking, but I lost all recollection. As I was raised high above, I felt the earth as a living entity, as Her, the Great Mother. Dropping down into the atmosphere, the clouds, into the mountains, trees, and oceans, I felt Her beauty and the pulse of Her life-beat.

Then I was sailing down into the cities, the buildings, the concrete, the mass and matter, in and among the humans. She told me She has no favorites. I felt connected to those bound in darkness and pain, and I felt Her mourning for their suffering. I felt connected to those walking in normalcy, asleep but contented. I shared Her love for them through their sleep life. I was connected to those who cling to organized religion and experienced Her love for them. Although there is blindness, Her hope was palpable for those awake and awakening, of which I was one. I felt Her joy. But none were favored over the others. I felt each were on their own karmic journey coddled in Her ever-present support. She holds each in Her heart and hands.

Next, in the vision, I was brought face-to-face with each person I had prevalent issues with. As each issue was illustrated via thought and sensation, She massaged different areas in the shoulder, arm, and back. I was shown where and how I hold judgment, impatience, insecurity, and fear and how I withhold love. I felt great pain physically and emotionally. She neither shamed nor consoled me. She laid it all out. I saw pieces of me, the karma I carry in body, mind, and soul.

When I had absorbed that lesson, realized and felt each piece of me, She then introduced into my consciousness the suffering of those in my life. She showed me their pain, their needs. She allowed me to see them through Her eyes, as if I were the Mother. She allowed me a glimpse through Her perception of truth, love, and compassion. Each person in my life whom I judged in some way was brought in a circle around me. I was in the middle. She gave me time to see clearly what each individual needed.

With Her encouragement, compassion, patience, and presence, She told me, “You must pull from your own spring of love, the love of Me in you.”

As I met each person in the center of the circle, I was able to feel the shoulder area hold, resist, or release. I was instructed to put into practice what I’d been shown, to see all people as Her children and love them with Her love. 

May you feel the power of the Divine Force of Love!


These excerpts are from my book, Chapter 45 ‘Awakening from the Dream ~ a Kundalini Memoir’ copyright 2019, Lotus Lindley.

Art: Jean Luc Buzzoli