Divine Mother, the Fabric of Creation

We, humans, all organic life forms, were born of Unified Source Love. Awakening and  Ascension is our journey Home to Love. The fabric of creation, she is the background buzz of the Universal pulse is often referred to as Divine Mother. She is the force that pulsates life through all living beings. Her essence is … Continue reading Divine Mother, the Fabric of Creation

Judgment & Prejudice

One of the quickest ways for me to see & let go of some of my most uncomfortable belief patterns is when I see them mirrored back to me, in another person. Particularly judgments. It's amusing to me how often I can be aware of a judgment, know where it's rooted, do my best to … Continue reading Judgment & Prejudice

Only You

You can't access a higher vibration Until you rise to meet it. You can't taste transformation Until you're ready to greet it. There's a process, there's time, we travel, in our own way. But we all go through it . . . Awaken, a little more each day. copyright Byron Lindley 2016 This is a … Continue reading Only You

Seek Within

Seekers, ready yourselves to cease seeking outside of you . . . While it serves us for awhile, at some point we must release the outward focus in order to receive what is being revealed from within. . .  Seek from the deep well of the source within you, which connects you directly to the … Continue reading Seek Within

the Lotus Grows from Muddy Waters ~ the Rubber Meets the Road

There are the moments in our lives, where the rubber meets the road of our higher ideals and practices we incorporate in our lives. This is one such moment. One that I've chosen to explore with you. Here. Now. Do you know that feeling when you've made a mistake which can't really be taken back? … Continue reading the Lotus Grows from Muddy Waters ~ the Rubber Meets the Road