The 5 Stages ~ a Nia practice

As many know, I’m retaking my White Belt Nia certification. The Nia system is rich beyond words. Only experience of the principles, dancing, practices, & sensations, as they are embodied can speak for themselves, in personal and intimate ways to each person.
As I’m moving toward teaching classes soon via ZOOM, I’ll be giving peeks as to what’s in store. This also gives those who feel called, an opportunity to begin to experience the benefits this holistic movement-based lifestyle can bring!
During the Ascension process in general and after receiving Light Language activations, such as last nights Lion’s Gate Full Moon class, I realized the short practice of Nia’s 5 Stages was the perfect way to integrate & anchor the new energies.
I’m posting a video for you to practice: Nia 5 Stages
These 5 movements are easy and effortless.  They are the  natural stages of pre-verbal development we all go through. They bring healing, balance & deeper body awareness, to the Nervous System, bones, joints & muscles, organically re-organizing & aligning your for greater ease & wellness.
From Nia:  The Nia 5 Stages is an integrative movement practice based on the five stages of human development: Embryonic, Creeping, Crawling, Standing and Walking. Practiced with awareness, these stages have the power to facilitate optimal alignment, improved function and comfort in the body. Whether practiced at length or for as little as five minutes a day, this system provides a tool for reclaiming and sustaining mobility, flexibility, strength, agility and stability.
Personally, this practice has also enabled me on occasion, to connect emotionally to more tenderness & vulnerability. So know, if emotions rise to the surface, listen to your body and proceed at your own pace, in your own time, honoring your needs.
The 5 Stage movements: 
When is a good time to practice? 
Morning and evening are wonderful.
I also take these 5 minutes sometimes during the day if I’m stressed, tired or between clients.
I often have a stiff neck if I’ve been on the computer too much, and have experienced my neck feels so much better after this practice.
And of course, I highly recommend it during high energy influx phases, such as the Lion’s Gate Portal or if you’re experiencing Ascension symptoms.
Once you do the 5 Stages a time or two, you’ll feel your body call you to it, as it needs to heal, relax, re-align!
I hope you InJoy it as much as I do!
Here’s to Healing & Joy through Movement!