“Go RAW!” This is how Debbie Rosas of Nia taught our White Belt trainees to drop into an almost instant relaxed state. I’ve been training my system to respond accordingly over the last couple of weeks. As this quickly became a favorite go-to practice throughout my day to day life, I began passing it on to my clients.

One of the many beautiful & powerful things about Nia in my experience, is that it goes above & beyond dance and movement, as exercise. It’s  a potent way of embodying balance, harmony, body & sensory awareness through all of life. ‘Dancing through life,’ as said in the Nia community.

RAW is a somatic listening principle that sets an internal state, for the ‘Art of Listening’ to how music speaks to the body, which inspires movement within the holistic dance/movement practice.

Relaxed Body 

Alert Mind 

Waiting Spirit 


While in class or dancing alone, the practice of RAW facilitates an intimate relationship between oneself, the body, emotion, sensation, silence, and music. The body is guided by the music, from this RAW inner space.

Using the same practice in every day life, to de-stress, gain clarity, re-focus, get into the present moment, gain peace & equanimity, is so simple, efficient and powerful.  I began sending the communication to my body/mind/spirit the first few times I integrated this in my day, saying gently, out loud:

“Relaxed body.” And I’d take a breath or two and allow whatever was ready to soften, soften.

“Alert mind.” Feeling the mind present, but not in thought. I felt the sensation of breath, allowing the mind to observe the breath, and the body to settle into a space of not choosing for or against anything that showed up.

“Waiting spirit.” I drew upon a silent space of neutrality, the Witness Consciousness. Dropping into silence and emptiness, waiting for what arose in the Now moment, to guide me into the next activity, switch gears, or just catch my breath. Patience. Just Being.

In RAW, we remain body-mind-heart-spirit connected and the guidance that is received for me is organic, holistic, and honors my whole being. If I’ve been scattered, integration takes place. If I’ve been stressed, I relax. If I’ve been confused, I receive clarity. If I’ve been contracted & constricted, expansion takes place with ease and grace.

My body has already adapted to the sensations of the three phases, so that now, all I have to say is ‘Go RAW!’ and that communication is instantly understood by my being!

When we Go RAW, we’re invited to bring 100% of our intention into this present moment, into our inner silence, into our deeper connection with our Wholeness. And it only takes a couple of minutes to feel the shift.

I have great appreciation for this principle and it’s integrative power into my life. I hope that you too find the inner ease and grace when you GO RAW!

Classes coming soon on Zoom & in studio when it aligns. 

With Love,