Divine Union Template & Blueprint Blooming

Greetings Beauties! 

Next Sunday, January 26th, you are invited to a ZOOM call exploring the new paradigm upon us of the Divine Union. This blueprint is activating for those feeling the pull to new expressions of Love & Relationship, based on the inner marriage of ones own inner divine feminine & divine masculine.

There is a new paradigm birthing from the hearts of humanity.

Join me to begin or deepen this sacred journey to your own Wholy-Wholeness. 

When: 5 pm CT/ 3 PT/ 6 ET (arrive a few minutes early for sound check) 

Where: On ZOOM live call – Link sent with registration

Love Energy Exchange: Sliding scale $10.00 – $20.00 via Paypal.me/sacredembodiment

Please note “DU” with your payment & the correct email address to send the link to you. 

In Love,