Next Leveling ~ Part 2

Next Leveling part 2.
Next leveling becomes a way of life as with anything that we practice.
How do we implement next-leveling in a practical way?
I invite you to ask yourselves a few questions.
Are you willing to commit to your expansion & transformation?
Are you willing to let go of who you’ve have been, in order to bloom into the unlimited potential of who you can become as you begin co-creating your lives with Soul/Highest Self/Divine Source?
Are you willing to dance with the unknown?
Are you willing to be challenged & stretched into your own wonderfulness?
And really, if you’re on the Ascension trajectory, even if you say no to these questions, Soul/HS has their own agenda for you!
Next leveling for everyone will be different. It may be noticeable by some, by many, or only to you.
What it requires is the practice of saying YES! to your inspiration, passion & to the unknown. Your passions, skills, gifts; those things that bring you joy … those are what lead the way.
Allow your focus to rest & invibe the happiness & alignment that you feel when you do or imagine doing the things you love. As we move toward what we love, we will naturally hit the walls of that which keeps us separated from what rocks our world in the best of ways.
That’s when you begin letting go, shedding, releasing all the old baggage that has held you down & back.
The more that you remain committed to your YES! to your Joy, passions, etc. AND you let go of the old comforts, safety, security, personality, etc. you begin to next level!
We can learn to next level quickly or we can do it slowly. You’ll know what you need as you go & you’ll continue to see what illusions need to be let go of, in order to surrender to your YES!
For most people, this takes time to get the hang of in the early stages.
And it’s also why it’s necessary to drop the denser behaviors/thoughts/emotions in the early stages of waking. You can’t take those with you & next level at the same time.
There are SO many light-workers & way-showers ready to assist any who seek out assistance.
A necessary aspect of next leveling is coming into a new relationship with self-responsibility. In this situation I’m referring to, if we wish to do the work & don’t know how, it’s up to each of us to reach out. There is no more saving or forcing or coercing in the 5-D paradigm. This higher frequency paradigm also doesn’t wait for trauma & drama to up-level. We are motivated by the love for ourselves, for one another, & for the blessing of being a part of this amazing process of awakening.
We all have free will, free choice. If we wish to engage consciously but don’t know how, it’s important to reach out to those you resonate with to help guide & support.
Most who’ve been on this path for a while understand it can be scary, challenging, & inconvenient to the 3-D paradigm existence. We all, no matter where we’re at, have so much assistance at our finger tips. How awesome is that?! It was so different in the early 2000’s when I began. What a gift it is now, to have many who are traveling with us.
Things to keep in mind for next-leveling:
 It requires mastering our thought /emotional patterns & energy towards the high vibe end of life.
 It requires being clear about what isn’t serving us in the highest, when that truth makes itself known & letting go.
 We are asked to deepen into Faith & Trust. It is a vast unknown where we head with most next levels. Surrendering with a grounding in F& T is helpful.
 We get to let go of rational/logical decisions. Instead we are being led by inspiration & the heart.
 Be gentle as you hit walls or upper limits of things getting ‘too good!’
 It’s ok to go slow. As long as you have set the intention either via your personality or Soul’s already decided you’re on your way, listen to what is best for you. This also requires the practice of meditation or learning to listen within to your own inner voice/Soul/Highest Self connection.
 Most of all, ask for Love to be your guide & listen as that unfolds in your own heart.
I’d love to hear some tips from some of you, that you’ve found helpful. I know others have been at this for a while too
Next Level Invitation is extended!