Divine Union ~ the Alchemy of Love

Teachings of the Inner Union, Sacred Marriage, Inner Alchemy of the Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine are entering more fully onto the scene, as an embodied expression of service.
Many of us now are awakening to the awareness that we carry the blueprint that is here to transform the old relationship paradigm, from the mundane to the Divine.
My personal journey is expressing itself as a process of the Inner Marriage and the alchemy of Love is underway. The portal to the Divine Union begins within, first. Though it may not begin this way for all who are on this journey, my guess is we all will experience the outer & the inner truths, at some point and time, spiraling in & out.  The realization that there is a Beloved outside of us, doesn’t negate the need for uniting within our own inner masculine and feminine, on many dimensions, through multiple expressions.
As I continue to settle into deeper breaths & moving through the world anchored in the balance this provides, I’m learning to sustain what for me is a Sacred Joy.
This has become a practice as I walk a new path, that of inner union. There are many ways this is spoken of … sacred union, inner alchemy, divine feminine/masculine marriage. It is also called twin flame union, which is a term I very rarely use. I’m guessing the labels will be fluid for me, as it has been thus far.
The way my heart speaks of this, is coming Home to my Wholy-Wholeness.
Like most of my spiritual life has been, I follow the teachings which arise from within my own heart/ Highest Self/ Soul. This chapter has taken me very much by surprise yet, not sure why, as many signs have pointed in this direction most of my life.
I appreciate the many experiences & directions others take in this divine union process. Most I come across are happening via relationships in the physical world, with a specific person.
Mine is not on the physical realm, but manifesting through my own deepening of self-acceptance, self-love, self-honor. The balancing & harmonizing, the inner alchemy, the masculine/feminine qualities are guiding me.
Though this deepening of sacred relationship is just beginning, it’s already been rich with insight, activating the divine blueprint within, that others are also giving life to.
There is a new collective preparing the template for the this divine union to bring about a new paradigm of relationship, of the Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine, the Divine Relationship. 
My feeling is that whether we begin from the outside in or inside out … those called to this work, will need to come into union, ultimately with our selves.
I’ve also greatly appreciated the growing number of women beginning this journey as well as a small handful of men, awakening to their own Divine Blueprint.
Though this is in no way be an overnight process. It’s been happening for many, for some time. It’s truly a blessing to witness and be a part of this dynamic paradigm transformation.
More shall be revealed!
With Love, 
art: Danielle Caners