January 2021! Offerings

Happy New Year! May this year find us with uplifting spirits, deepening Soul Presence Embodiment, and opened hearts! The New and Full Moon calls are pre-recorded to listen in your natural rhythm, sacred time. The energies are still highly active for a few days after. The Moon cycles are powerful phases to work consciously with … Continue reading January 2021! Offerings

New Moon Light Language Activation on Zoom, August 18th

Greetings Lovelies! Tuesday, August 18th we'll be activating our next leveling with the energy of the New Moon! Bring your visions & heart-soul intentions for this New Moon gathering to activate your divine truth into manifestation. We're creating NOW what is ready to physicalize in December/January 2021. We'll have a general discussion, time for some … Continue reading New Moon Light Language Activation on Zoom, August 18th

Next Leveling ~ Part 2

Next Leveling part 2. Next leveling becomes a way of life as with anything that we practice. How do we implement next-leveling in a practical way? I invite you to ask yourselves a few questions. Are you willing to commit to your expansion & transformation? Are you willing to let go of who you've have … Continue reading Next Leveling ~ Part 2