Next Leveling ~ Part 1

Next Leveling ~ Part 1
What exactly do I mean by next-leveling?
How does one next level?
I was so happy when I received this question.
In my perception & experience of ‘next leveling,’ this is the trajectory of our growth/transformation/spiritual evolution on a continuous basis … unending.
In the previous 3-D paradigm, we practiced self-help in order to ‘fix’ something that was wrong. Once we felt better, most often, the majority of people resumed their lives, feeling better, having reached a level of greater ease with their current lives.
We were ‘fixed’ or the ‘bad’ behaviors were remedied.
Ascension is a different paradigm, for those who actively choose it. The higher dimensional living is vast, spacious, and holds unending opportunities to grow with Love. It is a dynamic, on-going, process of transformation. In my book, transformation is what happens when our programmed thoughts/beliefs are turned upside down and our perception of reality changes. This is how we transform consciousness = our being.
The goal of next-leveling, isn’t necessarily to ‘fix’ who we are, as if we’re defective, though it may come across in that way sometimes. Instead it’s a soul level remembering ourselves back to the divine beings that we are. This does require healing/resolving those ‘bad’ or wounded/dense illusions of consciousness, in order to see/embody clearly the truth.
In my experience, this isn’t done in order to reach some end point so that life resumes as it was. I see this process as the evolutionary track of humanity. 
We have the ability to access innate, inborn, heightened potentials that have been dormant within us.  
We have the potential to REALIZE the truths that ancient scriptures have taught through concepts.  
We have the opportunity to access deeper, more expansive levels of consciousness & Love; to live guided by our Heart-wisdom, in conjunction with Divine Source. Unending.
So one way of next leveling, is that each time we choose to transform another aspect of ourselves/our lives, we are choosing to expand our perceptions & awaken to another higher level of consciousness.
We each will next level from where ever we are at, in any moment. I suppose if I break it down into practicalities, from my perspective any choice that alters our perception of ourselves or life, to a more awakened state, is a next level.
For instance, if one person has had a habit of smoking, and in the process of quitting smoking faces all the unconscious grief or anger, that smoking repressed, they are going in the right direction. To face ones darkness, see through its façade, and resolve that pain, would mean they have most likely awoken to a new relationship with themselves, a new way of living, of dealing with life & hopefully a deeper level of love for themselves. That person might decide, life’s all good now & plateau at that place of consciousness. We all have free will to choose. But there’s always a next level!
Just imagine, if that person had become clear that smoking allowed them to work a job that made them feel dead inside. Or enabled them to maintain a relationship which was actually destructive to them. Or cigarettes served to stuff creative inspiration that they were fearful to give life to.
And now, without the substance, they have the opportunity to CHOOSE to leave the job, the relationship, & face the fear. Each of those actions creates new, otherwise unknown potentials/timelines for deeper self-knowledge, new relationships, and a life based on aligned passion.
As we next-level & choose transformation to be revelation which enables more of ourselves to be seen by ourselves,  and to rise into creative beings of divine service, we are no longer motivated by pain & suffering to ‘fix’ anything.
We are motivated to discover the amazingness that Life has to offer us as co-creators with the Divine. The wondrous beings that we are. And, it is no longer for me/mine/my, but instead it cascades outward as loving service for the highest good of all.
Inviting the Next Level,