The Time is Now

As awakening increases upon our Earth, integration is at hand of our own Highest Self, our own Divine Self. You may already be receiving glimpses of this Presence that peaks through your eyes, gently moves your body~seemly of its own accord, speaks through your mouth, loves enormously and unconditionally through your heart, seeks out compassion and connection, where there was once judgement and division.

This is what I’m hearing from clients I’m working with and these have been my experiences over the years.

This isn’t just our imagination, although, it does require the openness of the mind to imagine this divine potential humanity is being embraced by. What I’ve learned is that while Grace does indeed introduce us to our divine presence, just as Grace introduces us to other divine beings whom are assisting us, we are needed to do our part. We are co-creators with the divine, with our Highest Self. This co-creation requires actions from us in order to become receptive to the subtle energies of our own radiance; in order to know the Truth about who we really are.

We can assist ourselves by actively seeking to heal past woundings and beliefs/stories which keep up locked in the denser energies of our being. For each Sacred Shadow we befriend within us, more light is available. For each instance of blame or shame that we genuinely release, we enter into our own Wholeness. For each new seed we plant of deep love and respect for ourselves, the more Love will emanate from us to touch and uplift another.

Our Souls are compelling us more adamantly to heal, release, and receive. This is the time. Just in the last month I’ve had 3 clients who have used the same word ~ urgency. They have each been new clients and what has brought them to me is an urgency to dive deeper, to shift something within them, to let go of what no longer is serving them. We are knowing on a deeper level that we are going to have to enter into areas where perhaps we’ve feared to tread in the past. Or maybe life seemed to offer us a contentment and there wasn’t a need felt to explore deeper, until now. Whatever the case may be, I see this is changing!

Our inner warrior/warrioress is stirring, carrying us with a new sense of adventure and courage to let go of the distractions and preoccupations of the outer realm. As we move toward our inner-self, we see it’s not as frightening within as we thought. And as we move forward, the forces of Love & Light are meeting us to soften and accelerate the journey.

There is a new (it’s always been there, but we’re now ready to hear) inner knowing that in order to create an outer world which is harmonious, celebratory, infused with Spirit, and of service to ourselves AND one another, we’re going to have to begin within.

We each are vehicles for the Divine . . . it can be no other way.

It is the Source from which we’re born.

The questions are: 

Are you aware of your divinity?

How open are you to that sacred force?

Are you ready to take the actions which connect you to your Divine Self?

Do you return into your own quietude often enough, deep enough, to recognize the radiance you see within, as you?

I’m so honored to be a part of the awakening of Love on this planet and to be a part of this journey with all of you who I walk with. When we say ‘YES!’ to our highest call, that call to awaken, Life truly begins. If you feel the call, assistance is here. 

Blessings on Your Inner Adventure!



Embracing Your Sacred Self

Lovelies . . .
What comes to mind, to body, to heart, when you hear the words

Sacred Feminine? Sacred Womb? Sacred Self?

If it stirs in you a knowing, a curiosity, a sense of wonder or awe, your in the right place.
She is the force within, that calls us inward, that invites us to know ThySelf. She is a divine Love, both fierce & gentle. She is you.

Are you willing to come in from the worldly distractions, just for a while?

Are you willing to look into your own inner heart?

If so, take the first step:
Rest you hands gently, nurturingly, on your low belly, your Sacred Womb. Envision a Red Rose within your womb. If the mind wanders, allow it to return to the Rose, return to the breath. If the rose expresses itself in any way, through blooming or closing or no way at all . . . both are perfect.

Simply breath gently down into your Sacred Space.
Allow Breath.
Allow Silence.
Allow Stillness.
Allow Patience.
Allow Self-Love.
. . . you’ve entered the doorway.
If you feel so moved, I invite you to share a word or two of what you sensed.

Your deepest yearnings will only be answered from exploring the world within. It is here where your magic and radiance is released, to permeate and bring blessing to the outer world.  To learn more . . . follow your heart. 

Re-Membering Home

Deep Bow to this ancient self, full of power and grace.

To birth me forth from the womb of infinity,

circling in the return to guide me Home,

towards the Light and Love pulsing through this form, 

from past to times unknown.

She enters in, teaching me honor of the inborn

fire, passion, power, truth.

Lifting the veils, the frequencies into Light,

she is delivering me from this density.

And, to all of you too, the lovers of Light,

the ancients helpers await your invite,

for we are never alone as they re-member us back to our True Home.

Love & Deep Bow,


art: Leigh McCloskey

Time Out ~ Time With-In

Time has slipped by rapidly as of late. I’ve been diving within, but feeling the first subtle ripples of readiness to re-surface. It may seem as I’ve abandoned my site, before it’s even become firmly established. The ebb-n-flow, I rock-n-roll with isn’t always one of consistency.  Just like Mother Nature, we also go through cycles of day and night, waking and sleep, active and restful. Our inner masculine and inner feminine each have necessary expressions. When honored, they dance together, creating wholeness, balance, and inner harmony.

The first half dozen times I experienced these empty states the discomfort was almost more than I could bare! I felt fearful and anxious that I would remain in the ‘blah-ness’ I was feeling, if I surrendered to it. Yet, under those ‘divine-in-training’ circumstances, as I refer to them, I was rendered powerless. Or so I thought. In truth I was introduced to a very deep and beautifully fluid power that was sourced from my heart and soul. What I was given was the opportunity to learn from the Divine Feminine energies awakening within me. With my ‘agenda’ out of commission, for example with vertigo, I was literally unable to continue with the masculine momentum I’d been functioning under. Instead, I received my first swimming lesson with and in the Feminine Presence.

We are all becoming more aware that the majority of our world has been functioning under the energy and consciousness of a masculine imbalance. The need to be active, regimented, goal oriented, schedule based, and productive in the outer world, regardless of what’s happening in our inner world, has been prominent.

I’ve met many individuals, that when met with Her inner call, which sometimes shows up as illness, listlessness, low energy, overly tired, foggy headed, lack of direction or uninspired, there is an assumption that something is ‘wrong.’  For the uninitiated there is a sense that if they give in to these body messages, if they stop, if they rest, they’ll be unproductive. This then feeds into feelings of guilt, anxiety, shame, and depression. So, they power through. This is the masculine programming.

Listen to the call of Soul. When the outer world fades in clarity, Her initiation begins.

Wade into Her waters, let Her wash over you into Being, smoothing the edges of doing.

Become an initiate on the path of your heart and soul. It is here your world transforms.

The feminine expression also has active attributes. She can bring great fire and enthusiasm to our lives. However, it will happen quite spontaneously and fluidly. While many of us are in touch with the ignition of this inner power and light, and it marries well with our masculine energy to actualize in our lives, we tend to shy away from her expressions that call us to take time out.

Stop. Rest. Simmer. Be.

This is Her Sacred Initiation.

When I enter into periods of time which call me inward, or when I find I’m simply not bubbling with inspiration, I know it’s time to step back. Over time I also have gained the faith that this too shall pass, and I will rise back up renewed and ready to step back into the world, dancing with my inner masculine. It seems this most recent quiet time, may or may not be influenced by the fact that we’ve had 5 planets in retrograde. Retrogrades are in and of itself is an inner, reflective pull. While I don’t feel as much resistance to the inner deepening and the time-out as I did in the early days, I do experience a challenge from the outer world expectations.  I can still feel susceptible to energetic attempt to pull me back out, into the world of doing.

The mass thought form of the world demands us to stay busy and keep our senses stimulated. We have appointments to set and keep, we have social engagements, and much work to be done to prove our productivity. And while there are many benefits to social media, we fill most empty time with on-line perusing.

I have found for myself, it takes a firm stand of giving myself permission to release and let go of the overtly masculine paradigm. I can’t convince you or anyone else of the power and revelations which come from the Feminine’s divine call to dive deep within oneself. We each have to come to the realization that to honor self-care and  self-nourishment are valuable choices. Especially for women, it’s necessary for our well-being. Yet, this is something we come to know only through direct experience.

Swim in the natural inner tides of your being. It is then will you gain faith that you are being fed in ways that only the inner realm can feed you.  

Listening to your own natural rhythms, connecting more deeply to your own inner wisdom, is the key to Knowing what lies within the quietude. 

I won’t try to make this sound over simple, especially for mothers and those of you who are in demanding positions in your career. But it can start with baby steps. Limit your multi-tasking activities when possible. Walk away from unnecessary computer use. Practice just sitting and enjoying each sip of your coffee or tea. Eat while gazing out the window at the trees. When that 5 or 10 minute window appears when the baby is napping, instead of ‘doing’ more, just stop and connect to your breath.

There is great gratitude I have for the path I’ve traveled and the structure (or lack there of) of my life. It has been co-created with the help from the divine. It offers me the time and space to explore these realms deeply. We all have our life purpose that gifts us  with what we can then share with others, and mine is the navigation of the inner realms of the Sacred Feminine Embodiment.  With this work, also comes many things that I have forgone, which may have made my life more secure or easy. But,there is always a trade-off and security and ease are very subjective, aren’t they?

It is imperative at this time in the earth’s history though, that we as women and those men who are ready to birth their own balance of the Divine Feminine/Divine Masculine, begin to enter into our Sacred Centers, our inner world, our deepest natural feminine rhythms and cycles. We are the ones who will be supporting this paradigm shift. We are the game changers. We, who choose to co-create a renewed, thriving and more sustainable world, will be in cahoots with Her energies.

Those of you who resonate with me, follow me or my work, will indeed find me absent at times . . . but never far away. I’m simply diving deep into the waters of the Mother.

If you feel called to join the diving and not yet sure how to let go into this new Sacred Feminine paradigm, please reach out.

Blessings on Your Deepening ~