Nesting ~ Home is Where the Heart Is

When you feel into the change of season, the darkening time of year, how do you feel called to land into your winter nesting place?

As with each season, there’s an archetypal blueprint embedded in natural cycles that guide us. The blueprint for the months of darkening is the call within. It’s a returning of our energies, and a quieting of activities, adventures, and inspirations back into the depths of our sacred center, our womb/hara space. We are called to land into many layers of the within.

One of the most potent ways to ground, come home into the heart, is to create a nesting place, also known as our sacred space, our outer womb space, the home in which we live.

As a Cancer-crab astrologically speaking, nesting is just what I do. When I was 7, 8, 9, years old, Sundays were my favorite day. I’d clean my room (my personal nest in the family nest), and before bed I’d take a bubble bath, massage my body with lovely floral lotion, put on my favorite nightgown, climb into freshly clean sheets, light a candle, adjust the perfect lighting, and nestle in to read before sleep. I intuitively knew how to create the nourishment and harmony in my personal space. It was sacred to me, though I didn’t know that word. I was sacred to me, practicing this deep weekly ritual of self-care that was the way I came Home to myself.

As I grew into those teen-ager years, the sacred space of my personal nest became chaos & disheveled. Messes that never found order. A reflection of teen-age angst, change & transitions of confusion, alcoholism, and a deep loss of self. I didn’t know how to return back to the safe haven of my nest.

Fast forward again, as I found more health & healing in body/mind/emotions, I could be found creating the temporary nest in the tent when out camping, staying in hotels while traveling, and since I moved a ridiculous amount all through my life, I could move into a new home and be nested within 24 hours.

What I’ve learned about nesting for me, is that it is necessary. Whether the nest is permanent or temporary. Creating a sacred space to call home, allows us to land and gather ourselves into valued security and grounding.

Both spirituality & psychology share that the state of our home, our nest, is full of tell-tale clues as to how our inner home is. The inner home is the psyche within our body. If the outer nest is in disarray, like my teen-age nest, then the inner home is most likely unable to land, resolve, or heal a rugged or wounded emotional/mental landscape within.

Creating sacred space is a spiritual practice that usually is thought to be simplistic, few but cherished belongings, clean, orderly, calm, harmonious. This helps the inner world, which supports the outer world, and vice verse.

I have found over the years that sometimes I’m called to less is more, and at other times I enjoy the beautiful, creative ‘more’ that stimulates my being. In either case, I do my best to bring mindfulness to my home, my nest.

In full revealing, the other reasons my nesting habits are of deep value to me is that because I moved around so much, especially while growing up, and because often times we had family stay with us, my personal nest was my haven. It was where I could find my footing, my solitude. My personal space, my nests are where I am surrounded by ME. My energy, comfort, which brings me clarity and balance, rejuvenation and cleansing.

Our nests, our homes, or our private sanctuary, is in essence the womb space of the sacred feminine. When it is brought into consciousness, honored, and rested into, we will find our own mothering presence to soothe and grow us, in the Heart of Home.

Fall is upon us and the nest is calling!

Do you have a nest, that is all yours? Do you have a home or room, that is envibing your specific frequency? Does your nesting environment nourish and nurture you? What is the ambiance of your sacred space? Do you feel safe and held in your nest?

Are you ready to land and ground as the busy summer is waning and the dark without & within is waxing. The next few months invites this deepening of sacred intimacy with your own heart-soul, you are asked to nest in a womb, a cocoon, you create especially for you to transform & be reborn in the bright-light of Spring.

Are you ready to return Home to your nest, your inner & outer womb space?

Blessings on your Nesting!