May Day Joy!

Here we sit in the New Moon/Solar Eclipse and May 1st … Happy May Day! 
We’ve been in the Eclipse energies for a couple of weeks as they’ve been mounting, and this week we’ve been slowly moving into the liminal phase of the Moon, when she drops into the dark Void. 

My body has been going through some funny new morphing activity through April, right at one of the newer chakras points, the Diaphragmatic Chakra/the Divine Power Center. The up-grade has become tangible as these organs begin to express new ways of functioning, as that Chakra strengthens. Just another example of the physicality of our Ascension process, that calls us forth to consciously engage in a deeper level of understanding the communication of the Sacred Technology, that is our divine vessel and what we need to address to rise to the next level of awakening. 

How are you feeling?
How’s your body, heart, mind feeling?
Are you moving through your Souls guidance with ease & grace, resistance, or disconnection? 

The New Moon is the phase that invites us to pull within, inquire within, digest our recent life events, befriend our Sacred Shadow elements that may be rising forth to teach us, and to hold ourselves tenderly in the quietude, stillness, & deeper relaxation. It’s a beautiful time to swim in the Unknown, the Mystery, the Void, free from your person-hood agendas, while surrendering to your Soul’s Song. It s the time of connecting with your Sacred Feminine in her nurturing & healing expressions. 

It doesn’t last just one day. We slow down, rest & digest, for about 3 days before and 3 days after.

What I love about Eclipse Season, in conjunction with the Moon phases, is that they are potent times of not only re-booting or up-grading on multiple levels, but also to really make a time-line jumps/leaps. 

Eclipses carry a very specific function similar to turning off your computer, letting it re-boot, then turning it on, operating at a whole other level. Only, we are the computer, a divine-human Sacred Technology that can consciously choose to say, “Yes! Let’s next-level this life, up-grade, re-boot & jump (or step) into a new timeline.” 

While in the New Moon energy of the Unknown, resting in the non-doing, we can consciously co-create with our Soul/Highest Self, a new reality. Even though in many ways the reality may look the same on the outside, it’s the inner realm that is shifted.

Maybe an inspired knowing rises up from the inner quietude and makes a decision that is unexpected, that you simply surrender to. 

Maybe there is a resolve within that says, “I no longer am going to participate in my life/relationships/career in this old way. I’m done. I choose …”  And we let the more evolved, higher aspects of us take the reign.

In 2017 Byron & I knew our time in LA was closing out. The recognition was a quickened download for both of us. We consciously aligned our plans to move to Tulsa, with the Moon and Lion’s Gate that interweaved with the monumental Eclipse that was witnessed up close & personal for many in the Northern Hemisphere, that August. From the point of recognition it was time, to the point of being on the road was 2 months. This was our way of massively choosing to align with the powerful energies & co-create our next level reality. We didn’t know what we were going to do once we arrived here. We simply allowed ourselves to be guided. We have learned to Trust, as this has been a way of life for a couple of decades. 
We surrendered & were so exhilarated as we leapt into a new life!
The old life was left behind. Old patterns. Old fears. Old attachments.
And a new life was born!
Jumping timelines is how realities change. It’s all a question of the pace desired or required. 

We are always creating. There is so much Joy and excitement, Magic and abundance that flows in when we align ourselves with our highest, divine expressions. 

In many ways, this is what this year is about! Becoming the Conscious Creator, Co-Creating with the Universe & all the divine players that are here to assist each of us. It is about mastering our abilities to shift timelines. 

Are you still wondering about joining me in Creator Mentorship Sessions?
I’ve shared that much of my focus this year is precisely on Creating a Life of Flourishing & Thriving. This goes hand in hand with the jump-start of the energies being ushered onto the planet. In every Now moment, that your heart feels the Divine Aligning, the Yes! are opportunities for you to connect to them in a grand way.

You are invited to listen to more here on YouTube.
I’m excited to have started working with some of you who are feeling the call to hone & refine the conscious creations in your life! Sessions are on on Zoom, so no matter where you are … there we meet!