Flourish & Thrive in Your Soul’s Purpose

Spring is bringing forth her abundance! 

As many of you know, I love playing with the energy/frequency/qualities/consciousness of words. It’s a method of embodiment. I invite you to play with a couple of words with me. 

Close your eyes. 
Connect to your breath … inhaling & exhaling. 
Drop into your Sacred Centering & Grounding. 
Relax into this Now moment. 

Close your eyes. 
Connect to your breath … inhaling & exhaling. 
Drop into your Sacred Centering & Grounding. 
Relax into this Now moment. 

As you feel into this energy, make a note of if/how you feel this energy in your body, in your life … no judgment …no attachment … just feel it’s presence & it’s message for you. 

After you have communed in sacred intimacy with Flourishing, do the same process with the word ‘Thriving.’
At the very end of exploring your relationship with both of these words, repeat out loud an ‘I AM statement for both: 
I AM Flourishing
I AM Thriving

On a scale of 1 – 10, 1 being less connected to the truth of those statements; 10 being very connected to the truths of those expressions of consciousness. 

I’d like to introduce to you an offering for Spring to support the continued evolution of Flourishing & Thriving in your life, from whatever level you are presently living. 

Creating a Life of Flourishing & Thriving ~
Tuning into Your Soul’s Purpose

As we continue to rise into newer levels of our Sacred Embodiment, into the Divine-Humans that we are, there is no limit to how wonderful we can feel or the beauty of the reality we wish to live in. We are the ones who set the limitations or choose to break through the glass ceiling. The next 2 years are going to hold powerful assistance for us to break through the glass ceiling of programmed & perceived limitations. 

We are all creating our own personal reality with each thought, emotion, big or small choices, and actions taken. Scan your present life and witness what you have created.  Our lives reflect back to us where we’re in alignment & where we are not; where we’re connected to our Soul Presence & power & where we are still leaking our divine essence. And to add a side-note, refrain from judging times of clearing, lostness, grieving etc. as somehow NOT being in alignment. There is space for it all, however, it’s in our relationship to the experiences. 

What would you like to create this year?
How would you like to feel as you live your life … Now?
What is your Soul longing to express? To share?  
Are you desiring from your depths more Action or more Peace?

Are you ready to take a journey of co-creating a Flourishing & Thriving reality?
Art of Sacred Embodiment mentoring is now moving into the realm of learning how to create from the higher frequencies of the birthing New Earth, from the creative life force within each of us, in alignment with our Heart-Soul truth. 

These sessions are a deep dive, joy-filled ride into mastering our reality through awakening &/or strengthening the Creator Beings that we truly are. I can’t wait to begin this embodied up-leveling with those who feel called! 

Creating a Life of Flourishing & Thriving is for everyone who is ready to transform the life that’s been into the one that you hear whispering you forward into something new, yet unclear as to how the shift will occur or how to make the next leap. We’re going to do this together. 

The New Earth/ 5th dimensional ways aren’t aligned any longer with the driven-ego, hyper-masculine, proving & doing ways of operating. Those ways served our needs at a different level of consciousness. We’ve entered into the energies of the Divine Feminine on this planet. Creating from that deeper space within & aligning the inner, to create the outer reality is the new name of the game. This then becomes a dance with both the masculine & feminine, birthing a new way of bringing into life the purpose we are here for. And it can feel discombobulating, because it’s much more nuanced, subtle, fluid, and ambiguous when we’re swimming in these New Earth waters. 

There is a foundation that is suggested to understand & experience the basics of what we now are amplifying. This foundation is the 4 Sacred Keys of Ascension course. I invite you to see the whole course & peruse the stages at the link below.  At this time, many have gone through some of the stages, but may feel stuck or unclear about one or two of them. Therefore, if you would like to brush up on a specific stage, reach out to me at lotus@artofsacredembodiment.net to receive a specified individual class for $20.00. 

You can view the overview in the Art of Sacred Embodiment Library. 
The 4 Sacred Keys to Ascension  will make this time together more efficient, with more ease & grace, but not necessary. 

Is this journey in alignment with you?

Do you feel like your life is in need of a change, a shake up?
Do you feel stuck or confused about your Soul Purpose? 
Have you been unable to birth a creation or passion? 
As a whole, does your life feel pretty good, but you know something else awaits? 
Do you want to learn how to really connect more intimately to your Souls communication? 
Are you called to next-level your on-going Creator Being skills, to move through each stage of your life with clear Intention, Creativity, Joy, & Integrity? 
Are you living in the Sacredness of Each Moment?
You are ready to master the 3 & 4 Sacred Keys of Divinely Aligning & Activating Your Divine Blueprint for your on-going divine empowerment!

Overview for Flourishing & Thriving Mentorship

Personal Mentorship Sessions. These are in-depth, personal deep dives of Sacred Embodiment.
Focused, intentional.
Foundations of Self-Love.
Deeper practices with all aspects of Natural Cycles/ Time.
Learning how to create with the Cycles of the Moon. 
Learning how to create in harmony with you Sacred Feminine & Sacred Masculine
Living Your Soul Signature.
Embodiment of Divine Aligning & Divine Blueprint. 
Personal Inquiries, Journaling Exercises. 
Supported Next Moves of Creations.
Power of Receptivity.
Light Language Activations & Amplifications. 

Energetic Themes for 2022 will be woven & integrated into this work, to support each individual through next-leveling phases & stages of Creating in the Ascension energies. Review list in Happy New Year blog.

You will find on this journey, as we shift from the old masculine paradigm of manifesting through will, striving, excess of doing, & amplification of the intellect, into the feminine & inner union realms of quantum creation, that whole new world opens up! 

Interested in a 15-minute Consultation? 

Scheduling Now for your Soul’s Journey 
Contact me at lotus@artofsacredembodiment.net

In Love & Flourishing ~