Love is the Key

When we’ve established our Sacred Center, our vessel is strengthened to hold & anchor into the body (embodiment) the higher frequencies of light (energy/codes of information for our transformation)The experiential wisdom(not of the rational intellect) of our vessel/body & subtle bodies, enables us to download/receive the frequencies more efficiently, through the Sacred Technology that is the human form & energy system.

This process unfolds as a continuous life stream of consciousness, teaching & guiding us, as we are multi-dimensional beings remember ourselves Home. Love must be the guidepost, our True North. We can only download the frequencies & anchor/embody the frequencies to the degree that we can assimilate AND HOLD, the various qualities of Love. Love is not a luxury. It is a necessity.

If you are accessing guidance, powers, contact with other realms/beings/consciousness, etc. what you draw forth will match your signature frequency. This is of the utmost importance to comprehend. Simply because one is experiencing phenomena, doesn’t automatically reflect an awakening into Love & one’s own divine presence wisdom, or Source/God/Divine connection.

The key is Love.

This is why ancient masters taught secretly, to those who were able & ready to be initiated, based on their commitment, devotion, dedication to the journey of higher connection & inner connection with Self. This enabled a purity within the streams of consciousness.

Today as humanity rapidly awakens in random modes & within the whole spectrum of sensory activations, each must take personal responsibility for healing/resolving & growing into right alignment with integrity, wisdom, love, & embodiment of the above. The growing collective that has done/is doing this work, are laying a new foundation for Love from a higher perspective. Understanding the difference between the paradigms of the past 3-D matrix & the blooming forth of 5-D, will assist the growth.

Become adept at recognizing when you are vibrating Love & continue to expand that awareness, knowing yourself as Love, from the Wholeness which you are, which is being established. It will become clearer as you continue to release the human conditioning & sentiments regarding your relationship to love & Love. The practice for all is to keep opening to Love as it continues to grow & thrive within each heart. When you are in a state of love (self-love as a priority), faith, trust, abundance, & peace, all will flow effortlessly.

Know oneself.

Love oneself.

Honor oneself.

In Love,


Art: Leigh McCloskey founder of Olander Foundation