Aligning Divinely

One of the hardest acts of our growing process can be truly aligning with our highest good, our deepest alignment, and living our lives guided by that truth. Especially in times where so many beliefs, opinions, or expectations are flaring like wild fire, it’s very important that we connect to our deepest intuition and truth. It can be a challenge the more scattered we are by collective energy and thought forms, yet the ease and grace and inner peace of inner listening, is what empowers are divine aligning.

Divine Aligning is a personal truth, unique to each of us. When we honor our own true center, that which keeps us connected to our divine essence, it can mean we cannot always go along with what other people in general or in our lives want or need from us.

There is a difference too, from being in our truest alignment and being selfish or insensitive regarding others. The more we honor what is in our highest good, the more energy and true desire we will have, to bring our best to others.

It also becomes easier over time to discern & assess, how & when we can stretch the parameters of our alignment, while still maintaining the ability to serve our highest good and be of service to others.

If we’re not acting from a deep alignment and we’re sacrificing our own truth to please others, what we bring to the table will not have the best outcome. Too often, when we feel obligated to please others, beyond our highest good, our actions are then laden with underlying resentments, confusion, or incoherent energies that don’t serve anyone.

Over time this can become a source of our own depletion and disconnection from our selves and others. When we participate in the world from our deepest alignment, honoring our highest good, we can trust that ultimately that is the Highest Good for all.

Trust your divine aligning to guide you with peace, ease & joy!

To dive deeper into this practice of divine aligning, please visit the Library. Divine Aligning is a foundational phase of anchoring in the higher consciousness of Ascension. In the course: 4 Sacred Keys of Ascension, the tools & practices for expansion of Heart & raising of frequency are made practical.

Divinely Aligning with Love,


art: Elizabeth Harper

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