Divinely Aligned Next Leveling

Greetings & New Moon Blessings, Beauties ~

Here we are, in the flow of many frequency up-grades: New Moon today kicks off Eclipse Season, though the first Eclipse will accompany the Full Moon.
All measurements are rising of Solar Flares & Light Codes of Solar Crystalline Geometry as the Sun rays are amplifying. Geometric storms are a flurry. Plasma Waves are giving us a physical ride & cooler temperatures. Christed Diamond Codes opening hearts. The Schuman Resonance of Mama Earth is spiking like crazy. 

We’ve been in this 555 Portal since May 5th. The number 5 is imprinted with the frequency of rapid transformation, leaping into new realities, & transformation, which in the midst of this momentum we may need to hang onto our hats!  This is also a 5 year. 2021 > 2+2+1=5. So we’re primed all year long for this up-leveling. 

Sunday, after a day of non-stop wind here in Tulsa, the Sun broke finally out from behind the clouds for a bit. In those moments the windy-flurry stopped. As I sat outside on my patio with Moki, soaking in the warmth, with closed eyes letting the Sun transmit it’s divine information into my heart, I began to see beautiful geometry dancing through my inner vision & behind my closed eye lids. Giving gratitude & thanks, I consciously communicated I’m open to receive, gloriously & graciously! This was a first for me, with this level of clarity. 

As Sandra Walter has said recently, as she’s been reading the energies: The word is Consistency. That means we have fabulous opportunities to rise consistently as well. The outer energies are also our Inner-Energies. 

We’re seeing with the growing levels of disclosure of all that has been hidden from view, and as we’re now witnessing the ‘coming out’ of UFO disclosure, ET communications, & official reports from the government that off-planet beings (our Star Families) really do exist, life is opening up in ways the majority wouldn’t have even imagined just 5 years ago. 

But please remember, the deeper disclosure happens within our own Heart – Soul Consciousness.
That’s where we want to set our sights & intentions to access. Then all else makes sense & falls into divine order.

This is indeed a time to celebrate! With the ‘thinning of the veils’ as the dimensional boundaries dissipate, the higher realms are also consistently becoming more accessible. They’re merging into higher frequencies of the unified field of Love, for those who are expanding to meet them.  Furthermore, our Highest Selves are being perceived more easily and deeply integrating into our Hearts.

Part & parcel with this is our ability to begin responsibly & consciously, co-creating with the Divinity & Love all around us. 

Why Now? Well, simply put:

the more density/inner darkness/pain/illusion we clear, the more Light (which is Love) we can hold & perceive & believe in;
the more Love we embody, the more we access the larger field of higher consciousness enabling 
living from Trust, Faith, &Inner Connection ~ Divine Connection; 
living more connected increases pure Soul-Song desire for our Highest Good and that of All,
the more we purify the Ego states, our Heart-Soul co-creates with higher expressions of our divinity and with Divine God-Goddess Consciousness.

You can see this is like a stair stepping or climbing the rungs of a ladder, into the heights. 

What’s calling me at this time, based on so many, non-stop timeline shifts, is to offer a quickened way for all who feel a deep desire to raise your frequency, expand your perception, and learn how to become your own co-creator through Divinely Aligned Next Leveling.

There is a Golden-Brick Road stretching out for each of us to choose. There’s also a yellow-brick road, that isn’t right or wrong, it simply may not deliver us to the door of our Heart-Soul Divine Creations. At least not as quickly as the Universe may be asking of us. Only you know which is the highest road for you to travel.

For those who are feeling ready to truly up-level, I’m thrilled to offer rapid~transformational~transmision sessions to support your Ascension trajectory in a whole new way. I’m integrating & intermingling all the teachings I’ve shared thus far over the last few years. As you climb the rungs of the ladder, You & Your Life transform. The assistance is here, both seen & unseen to uplift all who are ready to be uplifted! 

Divinely Aligned Next Leveling is the expression of support that I’m here to share right now. See the overview & heading links to see a snippet of what your journey will include.

Private sessions will include: 

4 Sacred Keys of Ascension
Sacred Centering ~ Sacred Grounding
Falling into Self-Love
Divinely Aligning 
Activating Your Divine Blueprint

Sacred Intimacy & Inner Alchemy for Co-Creation  
Utilizing elemental alchemy 
Integrating the Inner Sacred Feminine & Masculine 

6 Weekly Sessions ~ 90 minutes 
$404.00 for 6 Session Package ($528.00 value) Split payments available.
$88.00 per a’la carte sessions 

Contact me directly at lotus@artofsacredembodiment.net

May we all continue to rise for our own highest good & the highest good of all living beings. There are no limits … only limited perceptions of what is possible.

With Love & Devotion for our collective Spiritual Evolution ~